Forever Filth, Silver Salvation

By Kimiko Hamada All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Poetry


Being told since he was young that he wouldn’t amount to anything more than giving pleasure to men, Allen Penn grew up with a broken soul, an introverted personality and a wish for a quick and painless death to rid him of his torment. But his wish changes when he meets his blonde angel, Lillie Sherris. He starts to wish that he could be the only person that Lillie looks at, he dreams of staying by his side, being comforted by him and being loved by him. However, he knew his dream wouldn't come true because he was the sex slave of a brutish man named Ivey Harrison, the person his mother gave him away to so she could escape motherhood. Ivey has no plans of letting anyone take away his toy and brutally tortures and rapes Allen when he forgets his place or angers him. Lillie has helped Allen after all of these terrible situations and Allen is beyond humiliation that his angel has seen him at his worst. The blonde is never fazed, though. Why? It seems that the childish and loving angel is hiding a dark, demonic side to him and has done much, much worse. How will Allen handle that side of Lillie? And what will he do when he realizes that Ivey wasn't the true bad guy?


It was a cool Autumn Friday night, around about 9 o’clock. There were people heading home from work, people already relaxing at home from a long day at work and people out for a night on the town, alone or with a ton of friends. But, for Allen Penn, his night would not be filled with fun, he wouldn’t be surrounded by the warmth of friends or even just staying at home, content with his life. As he strode down the sidewalk, amidst the crowd of people, he kept his vibrant violet hues trained down to the sidewalk as his own thoughts made much more noise than the city ever could.

He was currently in the red light district, a section of the city where bars, nightspots and various nightspots involving sexual activities were the norms. There were gay men, lesbian women, bisexual people, straight people, transvestites, transgenders, drag queens, etc. There was something for anyone and everyone. Allen stopped in front of a place called Silver Lips, one of the popular hot spots of the red light district for many, many reasons. He stepped inside and was greeted with thumping bass, the dimly lit space and tons upon tons of people already invading the place. The barkeep noticed him as he moved through the crowd. They made eye contact and he smiled kindly at Allen but Allen turned his gaze elsewhere and continued to make his way across the room. He disappeared through the door that led to the back hallway and the barkeep sighed softly.

“You fucking kept me waiting, you little shit.”

Allen laid on the floor, his body trembling and his breathing coming out in heavy pants. His body was bound with thick, itchy coils of rope, covered in bruises and his nose was bleeding, dripping into his mouth. He was blindfolded with a large dildo inside of him, vibrating on full power.

“I-I’m sorry, Ivey… I didn’t mean to...” he said in a shaky voice.

“Shut the fuck up,” The man towering over Allen’s body stomped on his face, glaring down at him. “I don’t like to be kept waiting especially when I’m fucking horny as shit. Next time you do that shit to me, I’ll cut your balls off, got it you son of a bitch?”


Allen’s hair was gripped by the man tightly as he was lifted up from the ground, the man’s hands running over his body. “Look at this slutty hole of yours. All you can fucking do it is get your ass fucked by men. But you know who you belong to, right?”

“You…” Allen panted out, his blindfold slipping. “Ivey...”

The man held onto Allen’s hips, roughly thrusting the toy in and out of Allen who cried out, his legs trembling and his cock twitching as he ejaculated again. With a smirk, the man pulled out the vibrator, tossed it to the side and pushed himself inside of the other. Allen cried out, saliva trailing down the sides of his mouth. The man tugged hard on the chain connected to the dog collar on Allen’s neck, tightening it and making it harder for Allen to breathe. He gasped out, coughing and hacking as he struggled for air.

“You can fuck all the men in the world but remember this, I own your ass. I own everything about you. Your mother was a stupid, trampy bitch who hated you so much she was forced to push you onto me so that she wouldn’t have to be bothered. Aren’t you glad she’s dead? You probably don’t even give a shit since you’re the one who did it. A fucking pathetic piece of trash, you’ll always be good for nothing but spreading your legs and accepting any dick that wants to be put in your ass.”

After several more rounds of brutal sex, the man left and Allen was left on the floor of the darkened room. His body was covered in sweat and cum mixing with the bloody bruises and cuts he had gotten. His ass was leaking cum and blood and he had no energy left, barely enough to keep his eyes open. But the door to the room opened a moment later and footsteps came inside before Allen felt a warm hand caressing his silvery locks.

“Allen, are you alright?” The voice was familiar, he knew who it was but couldn’t speak. “I guess you can’t talk right now, huh? Here, let me help you.”

With no strength to push the other away or even tell him to fuck off, Allen was lifted up bridal style and taken out of the room. His eyelids were heavy as he gazed up at the other. The barkeep and owner of Silver Lips, a blonde, blue-eyed male named Lillie Sherris. He was a kind person, often told he was too nice for his own good. Lillie always came to help Allen regardless if he asked or not. But Allen didn’t understand why. Maybe it was the pity and if it was, Allen hated it. Being pitied and seen in such a shameful light over and over by the person he liked more than anyone else was the worst thing.

At the age of six, Allen was given way by his mother to a man named Ivey Harrison. She hated being a mother and having to take care of a child without a husband was annoying her. So she did what her friends told her would be best, give the child to someone else. So Allen’s mother passed him off to a close friend of his father’s and the rest is history. He was raped, mentally and physically abused and broken down each and every day. If he resisted, the pain would be tripled to the point where he wished he would be killed. When he turned twenty-one, he had gotten dead drunk with random people at a bar and passed out in an alleyway. It was Winter as well so the snow was piling up on his unconscious body and would have frozen him to death if it hadn’t been for his savior: Lillie. When Allen opened his eyes, the blonde male was leaning over him, smiling with the light illuminating his deep ocean blue eyes. It was if an angel had come into his dark life, shining with brilliance and filling Allen with a strange feeling. It was love at first sight but Lillie could never know and he didn’t want him to know about Ivey but that was unavoidable. Five years later and nothing had changed for him or for Lillie.

Steam filled the bathroom and drops of waters fell into the tub echoing against the tiled walls. Allen sat there, silent as Lillie washed him. The blonde hummed softly to himself while he scrubbed Allen’s silver hair gently and massaging his head. He often told Allen how much he envied his beautiful, one of the good qualities he inherited from his mother.

“Are you okay, Allen?” Lillie asked, looking down at the other. “You still can’t talk?”

“I’m...fine.” Allen kept his head down. “Just tired.”

Lillie smiled softly. “You can stay at my place tonight if you want. It’s going to get chilly so I’d feel bad if I let you leave.”

“You don’t have to do that...” Allen muttered.

“But I want to. That’s what friends do, right?”

“Yeah… I think I can wash myself now, Lillie.”

“Okay,” The blonde smiled and stood. “I’ll go make us something to eat, okay? Is there anything in particular you want?”


“You got it.”

Lillie left the bathroom and Allen sank into the hot water, sighing heavily. He was helped by Lillie again after another session with Ivey. It had happened so many times already it seemed to become the norm now. He groaned and ran his hand through his damp hair, staring up at the ceiling.

“I keep letting him see that horrible side of me… He probably thinks I’m a slut. Fucking hell...”

When he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and one atop of his hair, he walked into the guest bedroom and fell onto the massive bed. Allen often found himself a bit envious of the wealth that Lillie’s family possessed and that his parents cared for him so much that they bought their son a full condo to live in while he worked as a bartender. But Lillie didn’t care about money and he was happy to let Allen stay whenever he wanted.

With these thoughts bouncing around inside his mind, he dried himself off and got dressed in a loose long sleeved black shirt and light gray short that came to his knees. His silver hair dried and hung long and wavy around his face and on his shoulders so he tied it into a messy ponytail. Once he finished getting dressed, he left the room and trudged down the hall, down the stairs into the living room where he plopped himself on the couch and immediately flicked on the TV. He glanced over to the kitchen area where Lillie stood, humming as he cooked. The blonde’s hair was curly and framed his face nicely. He wore a white button-up shirt with his sleeves rolled up neatly and black pants covered his lower half while he wore white socks with his black slippers on his feet. Handsome, gorgeous, insanely attractive, too beautiful to describe, Allen couldn’t stand it. He even wondered if Lillie knew how good looking he was. He was positive that other people could see it because the male was always getting hit on while working or just going shopping. Though, that pissed Allen off. Lillie was his and his alone and he wasn’t a fan of sharing.

“Allen, the food is ready,” Lillie called to him, setting the tables. “Come eat.”


He picked himself up and moved to the table, sitting down with one knee up and his arms wrapped around it. Lillie took a seat as well and smiled at Allen. “I hope you enjoy it.” He began eating and Allen did so as well. The savory taste of the well-cooked hamburger meat, the creamy mashed potatoes, and the stir fried vegetables was a gift from heaven to Allen’s stomach.

“It’s so good, Lillie,” he told the blonde, eating rather carnivorously. “I love your cooking so much.”

“Thank you, Allen, it makes me happy when you say that.”

Allen looked at Lillie. “Say, Lillie, why don’t you become a chef or something like that? You make really tasty foods and I’m sure other people would love to eat it. Isn’t it a waste if you just keep cooking for only me?”

“It’s not a waste,” Lillie smiled brightly at him. “Because I love cooking for you, Allen. I don’t care if other people like it. As long as you do, then I’m happy.”

“You’re so weird,” Allen told him, finishing his plate then piling more onto it to ignore the thumping of his heart. “Honestly, you should say that to a girl that you like.”

“Why, when I have you?”


The next morning arrived and found Lillie up bright and early, sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee and the newspaper in his hand as the news played in the background. He heard shuffling from upstairs and out of the corner of his eyes, saw Allen descending the stairs, yawning and all dressed albeit pretty sloppily.

“Good morning, Allen,” Lillie chirped cheerfully. “Did you sleep okay?”

“Yeah, I guess,” he said with a nod, grabbing his jacket. “Thanks for letting me stay the night, Lillie, I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome. Where are you going?”

“I have a job interview today at a cafe so I want to be there early.”

“A job interview?”


“Oh, that’s fantastic!” Lillie clapped his hands together. “I’m sure you’ll get the job! Can I drive you? Please, Allen?”

Allen groaned loudly and rubbed the back of his head. “You’re so noisy. Fine, fine.”

The two climbed into Lillie’s black SUV and the blonde started it up, shifting the gear into drive before taking off out of the parking lot and down the street. Allen leaned back in his seat, rubbing the side of his face.

“Shit, I’m fucking nervous...”

“Why are you nervous?” Lillie asked, looking at the other. “You should be confident and excited!”

Allen glanced at the blonde with a frown. “There aren’t any other job openings in the city besides this one but I’m not exactly a people person.”

“You can talk fine around me, though.”

“You… You’re different.” Allen sighed to himself. “I really hope I don’t fuck it up.”

Lillie smiled and kept his eyes forward. “I don’t think you will, Allen. I think they’ll like you because you have such an interesting personality. You may be a little mean sometimes but that’s only because you don’t know how to properly socialize with people. This will be good for you!”

Allen frowned, his violet hues growing dark. “Can someone like me even do that…?”

“Allen...” Lillie gripped the steering wheel. “Where am I going, actually?”

“Jeez, you-Here just take the directions! I swear you’re hopeless...”

With the directions Allen gave him, Lillie managed to arrive at the cafe in a decent amount of time. The anxious male exited the car and waved to his friend as he pulled away from the curb. Inhaling deeply, Allen turned toward the establishment. It was a nice sized building with the words Sweets and Treats on the top. There were tables and chairs set up outside and employees cleaning them off or opening the umbrellas in the middle of the tables.

“Hello there.”

The unfamiliar voice shocked Allen who jumped back, turning his gaze to the owner of the voice. It was a young woman, about the same age as him just a bit shorter, with long jet black hair and hazel eyes. She wore the same uniform as the other employees he saw so he assumed that she worked there as well.

“U-Um.” Allen cursed at himself for acting like a punk but he truly wasn’t good at dealing with other people. The term for it was anti-social, he’d looked it up at one point in time. “N-Name’s Allen Penn…”

“Allen Penn?” the girl repeated then smiled brightly, clapping her hands together. “Oh yes, that’s right! You’re the one Manager Verda informed me about! Unfortunately, she’s out sick today so you won’t be able to meet her until she’s feeling better. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Jewell Edwards, I’m the assistant manager for our little cafe. Please, come with me, we can talk more inside.”

“Y-Yeah, alright...”

Allen trailed behind the woman, glancing around as everyone greeted her. He was taken into their staff room where Jewell sat him down on the bench. It was almost like some strange interrogation but he tried not to think of it that way.

“Is it alright if I call you Allen?” Jewell asked softly, her voice sounding as if she were talking to a small child.

“Yeah, that’s cool.” he told her.

She smiled at him. “You aren’t very sociable, are you, Allen?”

The silver-haired male went pale and beads of sweat dripped down the side of his face. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. Jewell covered her mouth with her fingers, giggling a bit.

“I knew it. You looked so uncomfortable just standing if front of the cafe. Why would you want to work here?”

“Because! Because…” Allen sighed heavily, running his fingers through his hair. “I have someone I like, someone who has always come to help me and been there for me when I needed him. And even if I didn’t need him, he’s still been there. I’ve been relying on him for too long and I want...I want to be able to show him that I can branch out and do something. It probably sounds stupid to you, huh?”

“Not at all,” Jewell smiled. “If I were that person, I’d be so happy for you.”

Allen looked up at the woman and managed a slight smile. “Thanks...”

“If you really want this job then okay but we’ll have to help you ease into it. Wouldn’t want you freezing up in front of the customers, right?”

“Heh, yeah.”

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