The Woman in Red

By RudiLejaeghere All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

The Woman in Red: 37. A warm and cold shower

‘Let me contact Charles first. I explain the situation in my own way. With the right approach, I surely get him on our side.’

After these last emphasized words, Katarina knew they had found a strong ally. The situation literally had overtaken her and she really didn’t know what to do now.

‘Thank you, Frau Bertha. I won’t forget this. You’re a genuine friend of my mother… and of us too, isn’t she, Jean-Pierre?’

Jean-Pierre nodded. He too was happy to welcome her on his side. Considering the men who worked for her and the security around the villa, they could throw their full weight into the scales concerning this matter.

‘It goes without saying you’re my guests. I’ll give you the best guestroom. If there something you want just call the 9 with the internal telephone and the chambermaid will look for it. We eat about eight o’clock. I suppose you are already a bit hungry. We, the Germans, have a good stomach and we like to eat and… mm, and a preferably a lot of it.’ She smiled meaningful, knowing her figure underlined her words.

As if planned, a young woman appeared, probably the chambermaid she was talking about, and led them to their room. The room was soberly decorated, but everything they need was there, even a huge flat screen television.

Katarina sat on the bed for a moment and seemed to be shaken. Of course, it took less to be that way, considering their experiences of the last time. Not to forget the emotional tension also because of the abduction of her mother, Beatrice.

Kat, you’ll see, everything is going to be okay. One step at a time. Let us not worry about things we cannot change. I think Frau Bertha will think about a solution. If necessary, we can brainstorm and work something out together. But, first of all, I propose to freshen up a bit before we are going to eat tonight.’ He pointed at the bathroom tiled in impeccable white that it almost was hurting his eyes.

‘You’re right, Jean-Pierre. If you promise to be nice to me, you can soap my back.’ She smiled already a bit. Without spilling many words, she undressed. She didn’t know the sense of shame. Anyway, Jean-Pierre knew her body already very well, all the visible and the less visible parts.

Jean-Pierre left a trace of clothing behind when he followed her example and went to the bathroom. How beautiful she was, he thought. A body as a model, a little bit more flesh on the bones than some of those skinny fashion dolls. For him, she was just perfect. A woman has to have the right curbs on the right places.

Meanwhile, Katarina was already in the shower and stood with her back to the shower door. With a lazy movement, she stretched her arms above her head and leaned that way against the wall of the shower cabin. The water poured along her arms, over her shoulders and along the rest of her body. A sensual pose that made Jean-Pierre gasp for breath. He joined her in the shower and slowly kissed her neck and shoulders while his hands wandered over her back and moved still lower. He stood close against her while he continued his search and caressed with both hands the front side of Katarina’s body. He softly massaged her breasts and afterward stroke her belly with the tips of his fingers. When he stayed there for a moment, Katarina took his hand and led him lower to the place she particularly loved to be caressed.

Jean-Pierre was happy they were under the shower because he got really warm from pure excitement. He heard a cooing little smile when she moved still closer and felt he was ready for more. He turned her around carefully in such a way they looked each other deep in the eyes. Trickles of water flowed along her face, around her lips, upon her chin and between and over her breasts. He kissed her gently and then again and again.

She took his lips between her teeth without causing him any pain and afterward she licked the water from his lips. Meanwhile, her hands responded and she caressed him in a way he groaned with pleasure bending over her and rubbed himself hard against her body.

Their bodies moved in slow dance under the water. He caught her with both hands by her thighs and lifted her up a bit in his strong arms. Her legs wrapped around his body, they searched the right position to make their pleasure even greater. They fitted together as two matching jigsaw pieces. Their movements became faster and both enjoy their physical arousal. It didn’t last long before they reached their climax together. Afterward, they toweled themselves up with one of the thick, soft bath towels that were there at their disposal.

‘Thank you, Jean-Pierre. I needed this. It really can make a person relax. You’re the sweetest.’ She gave him a quick kiss on the nose before she escaped the bathroom.

When it was almost eight o’clock they went together searching for the dining room. The same chambermaid was waiting for them and accompanied them to the salon. They would probably drink an appetizer there, Jean-Pierre thought. When he saw the look on the face of their hostess, he knew something had happened.

Frau Hofmeister looked pale and was desperately biting her lip. Her voice sounded as if she had to restrain her anger. ‘I’m sorry, but I’ve got bad news. When I called Charles, I’ve got a stranger on the other end of the line. He introduced himself as an Inspector of the homicide department. Monsieur Charles is dead. Murdered by a bullet through the head.’

Neither Katarina nor Jean-Pierre had expected this. They suddenly lost their appetite.

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