The Woman in Red

By RudiLejaeghere All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

The Woman in Red: 30. The bet

The brooch was very pretty to look at and big and because of the many diamonds there were used in she sparkled. Katarina had showed Jean-Pierre that the backside could be opened and that there was a little opening where she hide the transmitter. He got the earpiece that served as a receiver.

They had left not too early in the evening after Katarina had to promise her sister she wouldn’t take big risks. Katarina had promised, knowing it was a little white lie. From now on everything was dangerous. Monsieur Charles was a mysterious and powerful person. He could dig up the deepest secrets with his hypnosis. She would have to be cunning and apply all her womanly charm and seducing techniques.

Jean-Pierre reluctantly had agreed with the plan. He knew that if they would like to save the Baroness, they had to go to any extreme. Those gangsters weren’t easily intimidated, and they wouldn’t hesitate to liquidate her.

When they arrived at a deserted factory site, Jean-Pierre looked very surprised at his female partner. ‘Is there really a party going on here? It doesn’t look that way.’

‘Just wait here, I’ll push the code for the fence to open, and then we can enter the site. Monsieur Charles has reconstructed here one of the hangars as one of his residences, with everything that it implies. At the door will have to re-enter a code and don’t be startled if you are frisked. He doesn’t take risks. I only hope he will be present, the faster we come into action, the sooner we can solve this.’

She was right. After she had pushed a code on a panel near the entrance, the door clicked open, and they were intercepted in a small space by a guy who looked like a wardrobe who frisked them professionally. The man took all his time to frisk Katarina, more than was necessary and he especially paid attention if she hadn’t hidden something between her breasts. Jean-Pierre almost attacked the man, despite all the risks entailed, but a look from Katarina made him change his mind.

After they were approved, they could enter the living space. Actually, it looked more like a big hall, where here and there living spaces were placed. Seats, tables and other furniture. Central was a big bar where three people constantly had their work for serving the guests. The hall was well filled with smiling, talking people. Some couples were sitting in a corner playing a bit with each other, without someone was looking at them.

Katarina was searching the space when a voice made them startle for a moment. ‘Well, well, well, who do we have here? Miss Katarina and her apprentice. I honestly hadn’t expected you. Have you still spoken to your mother?’

Monsieur Charles’ question came very quickly, but Katarina obviously had expected it. ‘Mother’s well, but she’s gone into hiding for a while after the raid. I had to inform you that she would contact you before the end of the month, but she hasn’t said why.’

Monsieur Charles laughed. ‘No problem, I know what she means. I’m glad to see some familiar faces. The most of them are parasites who enjoy my wealth, but real friends I don’t have many of them. Can I offer you something to drink?’

‘Thank you, Charles, but I think Jean-Pierre must get us something. In the meantime, we can catch up maybe and enjoy the evening. Jean-Pierre, be nice and get us a glass of champagne and take something too. Afterward, you can enjoy the present company, there certainly a girl amongst them you will like.’

Jean-Pierre had to set his teeth, hearing Katarina’s arrogant tone. But he knew she played it. He had to come across as humble and obedient apprentice. ‘Of course, Katarina, I’ll just do that.’ He disappeared and left the two in each other’s company.

‘Your performance last at the castle was magnificent, Charles. You always know to surprise the people with your gift. Actually, when I think about that night, I get warm again. Or maybe it’s so hot because there are so many people here.’ She waved with her hand in front of her décolletage.

Monsieur Charles did take the tip. ‘Maybe we can remove ourselves and get into my private chambers. It’s much cooler there. Come with me, my beautiful Katarina.’ He took her arm in his, and they went, watched by Jean-Pierre with his two glasses of champagne, to the end of the hall. A door there gave entrance to the private apartment of the artist.

After she had entered, Katarina sat down on a long couch, seeing to it that her red dress fell open by the split and showed her long legs and left almost nothing to the imagination.

Charles poured out a whiskey for her and himself. Katarina saw it was an Auchentoshan. The only whiskey out of Scotland, that is distilled three times. Very good, but expensive stuff. He sat beside her and pretentious laid a big hand on her uncovered thigh. ‘Are you still so warm, darling?’ he asked as sweet as honey while his hand softly caressed her thigh.

‘But Charles, I just get warmer because…,’ and she put her hand on his. ‘Maybe I’ve got too many clothes on. Or maybe you have been naughty, and you have whispered a suggestion to me to get me so hot. I know you can do that.’

Katarina had started her offensive. Would Charles fall for it or would he sense danger. She had to go through with it. ‘I’m sure if you would tell me a secret I wouldn’t be able to pass it on, you would remove it out of my head with your hypnosis.’

Charles caressed her other thigh now, obviously he would like to play it slowly. Maybe that aroused him? ‘Indeed, sweetie, I can tell you everything, I have the power to let persons do something, but also to let them forget what I want them to forget. Would you like to see an example of my powers?’

‘It has to be really important, let see… Hmm, do you have a vault or a locker where you put your secrets in?’ Katarina’s heart was hammering inside her chest. If he didn’t go along, all their efforts were for nothing.

‘Of course I have. It’s in the little room alongside by the way. A man of my class and quality has too many valuable objects he can’t let linger about. Explain a bit more, what do you want me to do?’

‘If you give me at this moment the code of your locker and I repeat it until I know it by heart, can you wipe it out of my memory. I don’t think so, but…’

‘But Katarina, that’s a child’s play. But if you don’t believe me on my word, well… the code is 45279. Repeat it as much as you want and I’ll hypnotize it out of your head afterward.’ He laughed at full. Obviously he found it very amusing.

Katarina had what she needed. As a matter of form, she acted as if she repeated the code a number of times. ‘Alright, do your thing, but I’ll prove you that I’ll still remember it afterward. Then you’ll still have to change your code. For what are we betting?’

Monsieur Charles smirked very pleased with himself and answered: ‘For you, Katarina, for you!’

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