The Woman in Red

By RudiLejaeghere All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

The Woman in Red: 3. The first real kiss

After a half hour’s drive without a lot of talking, Katarina pointed to a big mansion on the right side of the street. ‘That’s where I get out, Jean-Pierre.’ She pronounced his name with a French accent, with the rolling letter 'err', with a bit of exaggeration giving it a warm accent.

Jean-Pierre inserted his car between two parked ones on the right side of the road. He turned the key and the silence of the night enveloped and entered the car. ‘It was delighted to make your acquaintance, Katarina.’ With a smile, he gave her his hand.

‘Kat, call me Kat!’ A naughty smile appeared on her lips. She avoided his hand and gave him a kiss on his right cheek. Her lips felt soft, and the kiss lasted a bit longer than you could expect from such an event. Jean-Pierre automatically touched his cheek with his hand, and Katarina laughed a broad smile.

‘What did I do to deserve that… Kat,’ he asked, almost whispering. Nobody could hear him, besides his beautiful companion, but it was as if he didn't wish to break the magic of the moment by making too much sound. He noticed two little lights of pleasure in her eyes. It was obvious she enjoyed his amazement.

She looked deep into his eyes. ‘Because you were a gentleman, Jean-Pierre, contrary to all my expectations.’ Katarina was apparently playing with him. What could she mean by that? Before he could replicate, she left the gray SUV and waited till he would choose to follow suit. When he did, she strolled to the entrance of the mansion. It was an old, but stately townhouse, with some little stairs at the entrance, flanked by iron wrought fences on the side. He just followed her without hurrying.

There was a full moon. The streetlights bathed the neighborhood in a yellowish glow. She stood on the first step on the stairs and winked at him. Would she ask him inside maybe? The gentlemen, she supposed him to be, began to crumble away the more he approached.

Katarina was searching in her purse and pulled a little key out. He saw she hesitated a moment, but then she came down from the stairs, took him by his necktie and pulled him closer. Her head bowed a little, and she took his head in her hands while she kissed him with open lips. He sensed a taste of vanilla in her mouth. Her lips were moist, and she pushed her tongue gently inside.

He felt warm, and his heart began to pound heavily. Now he also held her close. She didn’t protest and allowed him to compete with the French kiss she had started. Then she pushed him softly but firmly away from her. They both panted lightly.

‘Jean-Pierre, my gentleman and gallant knight, for tonight this is enough.’ Before he could realize, she pushed him a card in his hand with a phone number. He hadn’t even seen that she had taken out of her purse. A moment later she had disappeared through the door and didn’t look back.

He stood there just for a while, looking at the place where she had been just a moment before. It seemed as if he had been a witness of a mirage. He touched his mouth, where he still felt the kiss. His tongue tingled, and his heart was still beating too fast. After a while, he got in his car driving away.

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