The Woman in Red

By RudiLejaeghere All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

The Woman in Red: 29. Seduction in red

Katarina looked enchanting. She had told Jean-Pierre that they had to dress very stylish to obtain the first tape. He looked at her and remembered the woman in red who had seduced him on the dance floor. She wore a long evening dress in the brightest red you could imagine. Katarina showed her clothing acting as a model on the catwalk. While she was parading around him, the moment, she turned he saw there was a long split in the front of the dress. He saw two beautiful long legs and her feet put in black and red pumps that went hand-in-hand with her outfit.

‘You are very beautiful. Red looks good on you. But you know that already, don’t you,’ Jean-Pierre decided when he saw the playful smile on her face. On the front side, the dress had a deep low-cut while the fabric on her back just existed of two small straps that crossed and let this part of her body almost uncovered.

While she passed him, he took her hand and pulled her close to him. He was under the influence of her appearance. He forgot all the worries when she stood close to him. He kissed her softly on her scarlet lips and tasted strawberries.

She kissed him back, harder and was hankering. It was as if she was another woman in these clothes. Katarina felt he got excited and caressed while their kisses became still more passionate. With a quick movement, she made the straps loose on her back and the red dress landed as a red cloud on the floor. She stepped over it wearing just a black lace slip that left almost nothing to his imagination.

Jean-Pierre couldn’t get fast enough out of his clothes. While she helped him, they kept kissing. They couldn’t get enough of it. They were both so tensed that they erupted in one great outburst of emotions. They caressed each other’s naked body and lay down on the ground. Jean-Pierre discovered surprised that the floor felt warm. Obviously Katarina’s sister had underfloor heating.

Katarina pushed him back on the floor and came laying upon him while she pushed and rubbed her body with force against his. Their hands were everywhere and tried to reach all possible places just to touch them. A feverish feeling came over them, and it took no time before Jean-Pierre found the woman in her. She again danced again with the man while he led the tempo of this intimate dance.

She called him with all the sweet words she possessed; he growled in pleasure during their backs bent in sensual delight. Finally, a cry of ecstasy escaped both their mouth. They felt as one, made for each other. Panting from the physical effort, they were together enjoying afterward in each other’s arms on the ground. Her red dress spread like a big puddle of blood on the floor.

‘You’re a natural, Jean-Pierre, mmm delicious.’ Katarina whispered in his ear.

‘Kat, my dear Kat, I love you, more than I’ve ever loved somebody. It may sound old-fashioned, but I mean it from the deepest of my heart.’ He kissed her on her earlobe, and she cooed like a dove.

‘Wait till you hear what I’m planning to do,’ while she got up without shame for her beautiful nudity. Without hurrying she took her slip and red dress and started to put them on again.

Jean-Pierre followed her example. ‘What do you mean? It’s time to explain to me how you want to obtain those tapes.’

She looked at him with her light blue eyes in which the little lights of excitement still shined. ‘I know which tapes mother uses. We shall replace the original ones by the three tapes I’m going to buy in a while. First, we’ll focus on Monsieur Charles. He regularly holds a housewarming party where all kinds of stylish people come to. Tonight there’s one. That’s why we have to dress up. I’ll seduce Monsieur Charles…’

Katarina couldn’t finish her sentence. ‘What do you mean, seduce?’ Jean-Pierre asked astonished. ‘Is this really necessary, Katarina? Can’t we solve this in another way?’

She softly laughed. His indignation came out of jealousy, she supposed. ‘Sorry, Jean-Pierre, there’s no other way. I’ve got to let him tell me where he had hidden the tape without him having a suspicion. I think my way is the quickest as the solution to our problem. Be assured, my body is yours… my heart too.’

‘Let’s say we succeed, that he tells us the hiding place of the tape. How do we get it without him catching us red-handed?’

Katarina nodded. ‘Indeed, that was the most difficult obstacle to my plan, but Cecile has given me the solution after I had told her about our adventure in the night club.’

He looked at her because he didn’t understand what she wanted to say and made a gesture that she must go on.

‘Her friend with the police has left behind some high-tech paraphernalia we certainly can use. Have you ever heard of an earpiece? Probably you’ve seen it already in a sort of police movie. You put the little thing in your ear and everything the secondary device captivates of sounds, you hear it too. Simple, isn’t it?’

Jean-Pierre started to get what she meant. ‘You will have the transmitter with you when you and Monsieur Charles huh… do your thing and…’

‘And you,’ she completed his reasoning, ‘will follow my clues and replace the tape with the one we’ll have with us.’

‘I hope everything will go like we plan,’ Jean-Pierre sighed. He pictured already himself handcuffed and led away by the security service. One thing you could say if you were with Katarina: life was never boring.

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