The Woman in Red

By RudiLejaeghere All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

The Woman in Red: 2. In the parking lot

Outside, it was cold, so that the passionate feelings cooled down a bit. Still with the woman in red in his tow, the man led her to the parking lot where he had parked his SUV. A Mitsubishi Outlander, gray metallic with luxury trim, flickered a moment when the man clicked his remote control. A soft yellowish light shined over the black leather of the seats in the back. He politely held the car door open for her while she got in.

Her eyes quickly ran over the interior. With a smile on her red lips, she looked at him. ‘Japanese luxury, with everything that it implies,’ she determined with appreciation. The inside lights extinguished, but the lighting of the lanterns on the parking place made it possible to distinguish everything. It caught his eye that she was shivering.

‘You’re feeling cold?’ Without waiting for her answer, he offered his coat to drape over her shoulders. ‘I’m Jean-Pierre,’ he continued while he took her hand in his. He drew with a finger his initials in her hand.

‘Katarina… but my friends call me Kat.’ Her eyes blinked a bit faster, looking at him. Her eyes were blue, even on the half-darkened back seat he could easily make this out. So light of color, he could drown in them. He took her hand to his lips and kissed her fingertips carefully.

Her breath caught a little moment. ‘You’re different, I don’t know how to explain, but I saw it the moment you wanted to dance with me.’ She laughed in full now. ‘Not that I have the habit too… accompany a stranger to his car in the parking lot.’ She withdrew her hand, not in a sudden move, but with a gentle gesture.

‘No, I didn’t believe that either,’ he laughed. ‘Still, you have come with me… why?’ He leaned relaxed against the chair back of the back seat while he studied her.

She held her head a little bit to the left while she was looking at him. ‘I wanted to see your steel horse, sir knight,’ answered Katarina with a naughty grin on her face. She took his coat from her shoulders and looked at the inside. ‘Mmm, Armani… good taste. Thank you for lending. Would you drive me home perhaps?’ Without waiting for his answer, she opened the car door and went to the front to nestle herself in the passenger seat.

Jean-Pierre nodded and moved behind the steering wheel. The deep growling of the diesel motor was hardly audible inside the car. Without hurrying, he left the parking lot and waited for directions from Katarina to drive her home. He expected something entirely else actually. Was it the chilliness of the night that had cooled down their feelings or was it a mutual timidity to set the first steps? He didn’t know. As a rule, he would never strike up an acquaintance that fast. However, Katarina was something special.

It wasn’t the first time that Katarina had a one-night stand, but this night was something special. She was surprised they hadn’t jumped to each other in the back of the car. The promise of the dance still tingled in her body. A light vibrating in her loins, and her breasts were very sensitive. She would like him to touch her upon these places and still would be disappointed if he should do that at this moment.

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