The Undead

By Dayton Messick All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


Before the apocalypse, Lilly Orgada lived a simple life. She was very family oriented and had a steady job with the Atlanta SWAT team. Everything seemed perfect in her life. That was until the accident of course. It seemed like an ordinary call that they take all the time. Three robbers in a bank with hostages. It was the call that they got all too frequently. Everything was going smoothly until she took a bullet to the side. It splintered a rib and punctured a lung. About three months into her comatose state, the world becomes a living hell. Small at first, but spreading at a rapid rate. Will Lilly be able to survive the world ruled by the dead and find what's left of her family? Or will all be lost?



Darkness is all that I see. All around me. I fight to open my eyes. It feels as if each eyelash weighs one hundred pounds. They are weighing me down. I try to lift my arm but I am numb to the world. I can’t even call out for help. All I can do is listen. So that’s exactly what I did. I listened....and listened....and listened....

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