The Game Of Survivors

By authorshakthi All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

#2 The survivors


5:33 AM

Aditi Prakash.

“Wh...what!?” My voice trembled at the news, “What did you say? Ajith sir... Ajith sir died in a car accident?”

Even though it was only 5:30 in the morning, I was wide awake now.

The informant repeated the same thing and I dropped the receiver.

“Aditi,” I heard Aditya, my twin brother knocking on the door “Aditi, I am coming inside.” he said and I heard the clicking of the door.

He looked worried and I knew that he also heard the news.

“Are you alright?” He asked me “Let me-”

“What are we going to do?” I looked at him. “They must have murdered him,” I said. “Surya group murdered Ajith sir, He was our last hope, What are we going to do now? We can’t ever escape this curse, We cannot go back to India And we will have to live in hiding, forever-”

“Relax,” Aditya sat beside me. “My transfer is already approved, Uncle Prakash called me, I am supposed to join the hospital this month, we are going back to India,” he said.

While I am a MBA graduate, Aditya is specialised in Emergency medicine And it looks like Doctor uncle (As I would like to call Uncle prakash) Has already decided to get us back to India.

We were sent here when we were only 19 years old, it’s been 8 years after that, Both of us turned 27 this year.

I looked at him.

“Wha...what are we going to do?”

“Like you said, We can’t hide from them forever, We can’t wait any longer, It’s been 9 years since we lost our family, It’s high time we get back our identity and face them,”

I nodded slowly.

What he said makes sense.

Our life here is comfortable and safe, But both of our hearts can’t ever be in peace again.

It’s time for us to go back and face our enemies.

Karthik Suresh Kumar.

I sat there in my gypsy outside the church.

I still can’t process the news that my senior officer, My mentor, Ajith Roy sir has died in a car crash.

I am not stupid to believe that.

I know he was under a secret mission.

“Karthik,” I jumped at the voice and gripped my pistol inside the jacket instinctively.

“Sir!?” I was surprised to find my Team leader and trainer, Jacob sir. I started to get out to greet him with the salute.

“Sit there, I’m not on duty, So no need to greet me like that.” he said as he got inside the jeep.

“Is everything taken care of?” I asked.

Instead of answering, He turned to me.

“I told you not to come here, You are a special task officer, Do you want to blow your cover by acting like this?” He asked me.

“My senior officer just died and-”

“You know the rules, You can’t do this, Do you want me to take disciplinary action against you?” he asked me sternly and I started the jeep.

“Even though I came all the way here, I couldn’t even see him for a last time, I was waiting here in the car the whole time.” I said.

“There’s nothing remaining there for you to see him,” Jacob sir said slowly. “The car was burnt badly, we had to do a DNA test to confirm his identity.” He said.

Anger boiled inside me.

“I don’t think it was an accident,” I said what has been going on in my mind “it was a murder by Surya group, You know it-”

“A police officer talking without evidence is unacceptable.” jacob sir said sternly.

I took a deep breath.

“I am sorry, I just lost my mind for a moment,” I said “But I want this case, Can you give me Ajith sir’s case; Surya corporation?” I asked and jacob sir looked at me.

“You are the youngest officer in the group and You want to take this case?”

“I am 28!” I said indignantly. “Besides, When you were training us, You told us that age doesn’t matter in our feild of work,” I said. “I am ranked number one in my group,” I said smugly.

“You want to go against Surya corporation even after watching what they did to Ajith? They have all the political leaders and the best law firm to support them.”

“I don’t care, When I was selected as a STO, I knew it was not going to be easy,” I said.

“It’s not like you think, His case files are going to the file house till the next officer is selected for the job and I think we will have a tough time getting our hands on that files,”

“You are telling me that our department will be helping Surya group to get rid of the case files?”

“Ajith was a secret agent like you, Only the persons who are in charge of the undercover officers knew that he was investigating Surya group, If it was not a simple accident, Who do you think did that?”

“You think our department heads are responsible for that?” I asked him in shock.

“I don’t have evidence so I have no right to talk like that,” he said and I sighed.

“Then do me this one thing, hand me Ajith sir’s accident case,” I said, “I want to prove that it’s not an accident,” I said.

“Do you really want to do this now? Your assignment is over and it’s your vacation time,” he said. “Your dad and mom will be waiting for you at home,”

“My Dad will understand,” I said confidently “And my mom will be proud of me.” I smiled at the thought of her.

My Dad is the ACP and since He’s a corruption free officer, It was difficult for him to raise up in rank, So it was him, who wanted me to have this position.

Jacob sir nodded.

“I know,” he said, Jacob sir is my dad’s old friend, “such a stubborn man he is.”

“Then let me know when I can start,” I said as I accelerated.

If Surya group thinks they can get rid of a honest officer without any trouble, They are in for a surprise.


I stared at the project board in front of me.

The last project is finally over.

Ajith Roy.

All the details on him and his pictures were arranged in order on the project board.

It was one heck of a project, Probably one of the difficult ones, I am glad that it’s over already.

I started to take down the pictures one by one.

“Boss!” Karan, my junior/ PA opened the door in force. “Did you hear the news!? our Target Ajith Roy met with a car accident and die-” he stopped as he noted me taking down the pictures.

“You did? You knew he was murdered?” He asked me slowly and I turned to him.

“Our project is over.” I said and he stared at me.

“You... you knew he was going to be murdered and you still helped them?” he asked me in a unbelievable tone.

“I merely gave them the information about his whereabouts, I don’t kill people,” I shrugged.

“It’s the same thing!” Karan exclaimed. “When you offered me this job to assist you, You said you will not take part in anything illegal!”

“And I didn’t,” I turned to the Information board in my project room and started to wipe away the details on the undercover officer.

“You didn’t? I was really worried about this, they are turning you to be like them!”

He meant to say like Abiram and Mahesh, I guess.

It’s been five years since I joined the Surya law firm and Karan was an errand-boy that time.

He was appointed as my assistant when Karan got into trouble with Abiram’s men and I helped him to settle that.

“Karan,” I turned to him and folded my hands across my chest. “We are only doing our job here, We are not directly involved in anything illegal,”


“You can walk back if you are not sure of this, But I can’t turn back anymore.”

“You can, you had your own law firm before coming here, We can start anew!”

I sighed.

He doesn’t understand the situation here.

“Sure, I can Restart it,” I told him “But it will be different in the name only, Our clients will be the same, I will still need to represent Surya group,” I said.

“But You said you don’t want to deal with anyone like Abiram and Mahesh! They are getting away with all their crimes because of you, You are winning them all the lawsuits and it’s making them fearless”

“We are number one law firm in India now, It’s a win-win situation for us,” I said”If we can’t get out of this situation, we need to take maximum advantage”

And I still have unfinished business here.

“Okay,” Karan sighed, “What about the next project?” he asked me, now trying to calm down.

I turned around and started to write the name of our new target on the board.

“Shahid Khan?” Karan asked, “Is he the next target?”

“He’s a computer genius and works for a lot of big companies as the cyber security officer,” I turned around. “He’s the one who is securing the Ajith Roy case files in the government file house too.”

“Why him?” Karan looked confused.

“Now that Ajith Roy is no more, His investigation files will be sent to the government file house until the next person takes charge of the case.”


“So the only person who could decrypt the files for us is this Shahid Khan,” I explained, “father already know about that and he thinks that the files have details on Palace group too.”

“So what are we going to do?”

“Collect All the information on him, As far as I know, Shahid Khan is a straightforward person, whom we cannot bribe with money or power.”

Karan sighed.

“It feels like another difficult one,” he said.

“According to Abiram, Shahid has a weak point,” I looked at Karan “unlike Ajith Roy, Shahid has a family, I heard that his only weakness is his Wife and 5-years-old daughter,” I turned to the project board and said. “Did you get what I mean?”

“You are scaring me now, sir.” Karan looked at me, “So many people are getting hurt around us.”

“You can back down, Karan,” I said.

“No! I need to pay you back”

“Are we back to that again?” I turned to him. “You don’t need to-”

“You saved my life that day from Abiram’s men, I need to pay you back.”

“If you are feeling grateful, I don’t want that, I have my own reasons to help you and I have my reasons for coming back here too, So no need to feel burdened,”

“For me, You are my boss, Not Surya group or not even Narayan sir,” he said.

“I told you to watch your mouth!” I said “this is why you got into trouble with Abiram’s men,” I said “If you want to survive here in Surya group, Be very careful of what you speak, Karan, always.” I warned him.

“Okay” he nodded, "I will start with our new project sir,” he said.

“Then find me everything on this Shahid, Every single thing from his birth, schooling, friends, family, Any police cases, Everything that you can get your hands on,” I said.

“Okay sir.”


“They blocked my news again,” I said angrily, throwing down the files on the desk, “PD thinks it’s a controversial subject and needs to be cautious,” I said.

“I told you beforehand, Trisha, Don’t expect too much from them, They are too scared to upset Surya group,” Nitin said.

“But Maya’s trial ends tomorrow, If we can manage to broadcast the story, It might change people’s view, But no, They don’t want to” I said again. "I really need a good strong team to work with, We can’t go on like this, Nitin, They are suppressing us.”

“it’s difficult for us to get a strong team, Trisha” Nitin reminded me.

“I will start searching now,” I said. “I will collect all the people who have a grudge against Surya group, I will delve down the cases and research again,” I said.

“It could be dangerous,”

“I don’t care, But our first priority is Shahid Khan.”

“You mean... the famous software geek?" Nitin asked me.

“Yes, He’s the only person who could open the files on Ajith sir now, If we get our hands on those files, I am sure we can defeat Surya group,” I said.

“I don’t think it will be easy, I heard that he’s straight as an arrow, He won’t be willing to release the confidential information,”

“I know, But from my experience of watching Surya group for all these years, My instinct tells me that he will be the next target, Shahid Khan,” I said.

“Okay, And what’s plan B? If we can’t get hold of him, what next?”

“Do you know the Latest fashion world?" I turned to him.

“Of course.” Nitin looked at me. “Their company just collapsed.”

I nodded.

“They were collaborating with Surya group, But the CEO rejected it at the last moment,”

“Yea, everyone know about them, Their shares went down and the company is in trouble.”

“Yea, It’s how the Surya group works, I am very sure that “Latest” is Narayan’s next target, It’s a matter of time before the company is taken by Surya group” I said “So the CEO of the company will be willing to do anything now, I plan to meet him” I said.

“Then we will start with this Shahid Khan, I hope he will talk to us,” Nitin said and I nodded.

Shahid Khan.

“If something happened to me, Use this and stay low for some time”

It was Ajith sir’s warning when we met last time.

“Who’s going to touch a police officer like you?”

I had laughed at the possibility that time.

I went through the newly created identity card and certificates when Jasmine appeared beside me.

“Shahi... You are working late again?” She put her hand on my shoulder and I moved the forged documents out of her sight.

“It’s about to be finished” I smiled and took her hand in mine “Where’s Izzy? Slept already?” I asked.

Izzy is our five-year-old daughter.

Jasmine nodded and sat near me and looked into my eyes.

“What’s bothering you? You have been stressed these days,” she stated in her calm and soft voice.

She has the ability to read me like an open book. I was practically a nerd, I still don’t know how she fell in love with me.

It often surprises me how she can read me so well.

“Are you hiding anything from me?” She narrowed her eyes at me.

“No” I shook my head and wrapped her to me “I was thinking of taking a vacation,” I said.

I can’t tell her about my worries now, It will only put her and Izzy in more danger than they are already in.

The time has come, Now that Ajith sir is dead, It’s a matter of time they come after me.

The only person who could open the investigation files in the government file house was Ajith sir and his security officer, That’s me.

“What’s going on, Shahi? Vacation? Why do I feel like something is wrong?" she asked me again.

“Let’s take a break from this busy life for a while,” I told her sincerely “I need to spend some days with my family, I am fed up with the busy and routine life” I said, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Deal!” Jasmine looked excited all of a sudden, “Then when are we going to take the vacation?" She looked at me.

As soon as possible.

As soon as I get that safe house ready.

“Soon, Maybe this weekend” I smiled.

“That’s good” She hugged me. “Can we also go and visit our parents?" She asked me softly, “I miss them these days...” She said.

Both of us are not still in good terms with our family, We were abandoned the moment we decided to get married.

“Sure,” I said. “Once we returned from the trip, We will Go and see our parents, We will take Izzy too,” I said. “Then they will have no choice, But accept us,” I smiled and Jasmine tightened her hands around me.

“I love you, Shahid.” She said, Her voice trembling slightly and I know that she’s trying to control her tears.

And I hugged her back, Tightly.

“I love you too”I whispered.

I will protect you and Izzy with my life.

Varsha Abraham.

The message was short and clear.

“Get out of the country, Don’t come back”

My hands started to shiver.

I am 26 years old and the only daughter of Abraham, The CEO of Latest fashion world.

I am one of the designers in the firm and loved my job.

Latest was a blooming company until Mahesh Surya Narayan came forward with a proposal to enter the foreign market with their brand.

But Once we joined arms with Surya group, Things started to go wrong.

“Are you alright, Varsha?“Sam pulled the car to the side “what happened-”

“Pa..papa.. I think papa is in trouble!” I managed to say, Handing him my mobile phone.

“What!?” Sam looked shocked “we can’t be sure of it, Varsha, May be-”

“No! I knew it, Mahesh Surya Narayan will take away the company, He-”

“I will protect you,” Sam said “I don’t care if it’s Surya group or not, I will protect you, Varsha,” He said.

Both of my eyes filled and I tried to control my emotions.

“I want..want to help him, Sam, I can’t just...just leave without him” I whispered.

Sam held my hand tightly.

“I will find you a place to hide first, We will search for any news on Your papa and you can get out of here together,” he said.

“I.. I am glad that... I.. I..have you with me sam! If it was not for you, I don’t know whom to trust”I said gratefully.

Sam is my childhood friend.

“Nothing will happen to your papa, I promise you, Varsha” he tightened his grip on my hand before starting the car.

Yes... I will find Papa and we will get out of here... we will hide far away, Away from the Surya group.

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