The Game Of Survivors

By authorshakthi All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

#1 The Surya group

Surya Narayan.

I looked around the conference table.

“Is he taken care of?” I asked about the special task officer-Ajith Roy.

Abiram Surya Narayan, My eldest son and CEO of Surya hospital groups, nodded his head proudly.

“He’s finished, We don’t have to worry about him anymore,” He said.

“Good job” I praised him.

“He couldn’t have done it without Arjun’s help, It was Arjun who gave him the correct location and details on him” My second son, Mahesh Surya Narayan said.

He’s the CEO of the Surya hotels.

I turned to the youngest one, Arjun Surya Narayan.

“Is it true?” I asked him, Rather surprised.

He had no interest to work for Surya group and when he was summoned by me, His only demand was to allow him to work in the law firm, He didn’t want to be part of anything “illegal”.

“It’s true that I provided the necessary information,” Arjun said “But I am not involved in his...accident," He said.

He is a lawyer by profession, MD of Surya law firm and the crisis manager of Surya group now and I am pleased with the change I could see in him.

I leaned back in my chair.

“Good job” I looked around the conference room again “You all have worked hard, If that police officer had escaped, We would have been done for” I looked around all the faces.

“But even though the problem is solved now, We can’t let our guard down, Ajith Roy was a clever undercover officer, I Am sure that he has hidden files on us,” I said “And the case files he had been investigating, We need to get it back too”

“I will start working on it” Raghav, my PA said.

“So we still have a file to destroy?” Pramod, The Executive director asked.

“It will be very easy to get rid of that, Now that Ajith Roy is no more,” Abiram said “I can take the job if you want” He looked at me hopefully.

“No,” Mahesh said, “let me-”

“It’s not as easy as you think” I interrupted before the fighting breaks out again.

My eldest two sons are competing for the company.

I am the chairman of Surya corporation, The CEO position is co-owned by both of them.

While Mahesh takes care of the hotel chains of Surya group, Abiram is in charge of hospital and department stores.

My eyes landed on Arjun, who looked more interested in his laptop than in what’s going on.

He joined the company only 5 years before and he is concerned about his law firm only.

“Did anyone check the details on Ajith Roy’s files?” I asked again.

And silence filled the room.

“We were busy chasing him and removing him,” Abiram said.

“We will start with the file tomorrow” Mahesh promised.

Arjun leaned forward a little before clearing his throat.

“If an undercover officer dies on duty, His case will be transferred to the government file house until the next officer is selected,” He said “So let’s just assume that the files are going to get transferred to the government file house for now” He stopped.

I nodded approvingly, Arjun is good at what he does, That is, Providing the necessary information.

“Who is in charge of the file house?” I turned to him.

“We can bribe them easily and get inside the government file house” Arjun answered “But the only person who has the access to the files is Ajith Roy, who is already murd...dead,” he said.

“Who else can open the locker?”

“His chief security officer is a famous software genius, You must’ve heard his name-Shahid khan” Arjun looked around and everyone nodded.

“That is the guy who is also the software security head of a lot of companies, I heard he’s very young,” Pramod said.

“He’s only 31, But He’s famous for his rigidity” Raghav, My PA said. “As far as I know, He is a straightforward person and not easily flexible.”

“Does anyone know anything else on him?”

“He’s a professional encryptor, If we want to use him, We must get him alive to get access to the files,” Arjun said.

I nodded.

I know it too, Since Ajith Roy is already dead, The only remaining person who could open the file is his security officer.

“You have done your assignment well in a short time, Good,” I said acknowledging his hard work “It’s time for you to step up from your position too” I added.

Abiram and Mahesh looked at me, Outraged.

“What! You can’t do that Father-”

“How can a corporation have three CEOs?”

It’s very rare for the both of them to agree on something.

I turned to them.

“If you think you own that position, you are wrong, Nobody is going to get it that easily, You have to earn that position with your power” I warned them “And if you think it’s unfair, The person with the least achievements should step down then” I added.

“Thank you” Arjun spoke up. “But I’m not interested in running the company,” He said calmly “I am happy with my law firm”

“Then what do you want?” I asked. I haven’t missed the point.

“Let me choose the cases I represent,” Arjun said “I don’t want to deal with all of the criminal and womanizing cases, I will let my juniors deal with it,” He said.

“You-” Abiram started.

“Just because you were lucky today!” Mahesh looked angry too.

But I understand what Arjun’s problem is.

It was always Arjun’s duty to clean up after Abiram and Mahesh.

“Okay, You can do that as long as you guide your juniors and report to me,” I said.

“But what about my trial then?” Mahesh asked angrily.

“I will let Varun deal with it,” Arjun said, “He’s the best-”

“I don’t want any juniors! I want you to represent-”

“Varun has never let any cases loss before” I cut across him.

“You guide him and send him to the courtroom to win all the dirty cases so that it will not affect your reputation,” Mahesh said.

Varun is indeed notorious in this field now, He is known as the heartless, Merciless lawyer, But he’s Ready to deal with those cases for Arjun And I know that Arjun doesn’t like the publicity.

“I am not worried about my reputation, I like a quiet life, If I can win your lawsuits through him, why should you get so worked up? It’s a win-win situation for all of us” Arjun said.

“You treat him like a barrier, Everyone blames him for being a merciless lawyer who takes the evil’s side, But in truth, It’s actually you-”

“Mahesh,” I said in warning and he stopped. “If anyone is unsatisfied with the situation, make sure that you don’t land yourself in any more trouble,” I said.

“Meeting dismissed,” I announced and Arjun was the first person who was starting raise from the chair.

“Wait,” Mahesh said “Since we get rid of Ajith Roy successfully, Let’s proceed with the halted project of 7-star hotels, We can easily defeat the Palace group now,” He said.

“Don’t start anything now, wait for the files to be taken care of first,” I said as I get up.

“But the Palace group-”

“Mahesh, There’s no shortcut to success” I interrupted him “I don’t want to just defeat them, I need to destroy them completely” I added sternly “Don’t take Palace group so lightly, They are the number one in the field for long years”

Besides, Surya group was a part of it long before, So it’s no wonder that we are rivals now.

It looked like Abiram and Mahesh still wanted to talk but I just walked out of there with my PA.

Abiram, my eldest son is dedicated and efficient, The only problem is that he is short tempered, He reacts with muscle power before thinking logically, which, In almost all situations end up in Greater trouble.

And my second son, Mahesh is the perfect person for running a business, Except for his weakness.

He needs a different woman each day. As if it was not enough, He recently got entangled in a rape case.

Arjun is fast, logical and responsible, But he is not very fond of how things are running here, He dislike it and he wants to set up his own firm without my help and the only problem with him is the habit of drinking his problems away.

Arjun spend most of his weekend drinking his problems off, He even owns a night club, So saturday nights and Sundays are mostly like his own personal alcohol day.

May be it’s a good thing that he’s not involved in the company, I really can’t tolerate anything else after the bickering Abiram and Mahesh.

I sighed.

It looks like my boys still have some growing up to do.

Arjun Surya Narayan.

I got up from my place and Abiram blocked my way.

“Don’t raise your expectations too high just because father want to promote you, You know it too, He’s just using you to catalyze us”

“Do you feel threatened Abiram? It’s odd for me to see you all worked up like this” I said coolly.

“You-” He started.

“There’s no need to talk about something impossible” Mahesh got up. “You are different from us and you know it, Father will never hand over the power to you” He said.

Funny to see them standing together in a matter, But today I Am in no mood to have a chat with them.

“Yes we are different, I know it well” I said “I don’t kill people” my eyes lingered on Abiram “or Abuse any girls” I looked at Mahesh now “And I am definitely not interested in the company, so-”

“Ha!What a saint you are, Arjun” Abiram said “you wanted nothing to do with our so called family, So you went out and stayed out at the boarding school” He said “And when father wanted you to take business administration, You went on your way and took law as your major”

“I have heard this enough, I need to go now, I have a client waiting ” I checked my watch.

But of course it was Abiram, So he continued like I haven’t talked to him.

“You wanted nothing to do with the Surya group, But somehow managed to become the MD of Surya firm!” he accused me.

“Who was it who wanted me to solve your problems?” I folded my hands across my chest and turned to Mahesh. “If I hadn’t joined the company, He will be behind the bars now” I turned to an angry looking Mahesh.

He was involved in a serious case 5 years before for me to get intertwined in Surya group, It was my first case from Surya group.

A girl had committed suicide writing his name five years ago and it must have been a big deal if I hadn’t taken care of it quietly.

Normally I deal with merging and acquisitions of Surya group, But I have to clean up after Abiram and Mahesh from time to time.

“And you Abiram” I looked at him “when your plan to kill someone “accidentally” at the jail got exposed, You needed me to talk to the witness and change the statement” I said sternly.

“But you don’t need to be the MD of the firm” He said “you could just represent us”

“I don’t know what your problem is, Abiram, You want my law firm to represent you, But you hates the sight of me” I stopped.

“You are different from us , You acts like a saint” he growled “The only reason you are here is because of father”

“I can easily go back to my old firm and quit here, It will be easier for me too” I shrugged “since you are very uncomfortable seeing me as the Managing director, you can Just talk to Father for me then” I said.

That got him.

I know it too. Most of the cases my firm have to deal with now is theirs or their private goons.

“Do you feel remorse, Arjun?” Mahesh turned to me “You never wanted the dirty money from Surya group, But now you are working for it” He said “even helping in killing people” he added.

And I stilled.

He touched a nerve, Yes, He knows me well, He knows that it’s a sensitive subject for me.

“I don’t kill people” I said slowly “I Am not a murderer” I said sternly.

“Assure yourself that” Mahesh snickered “If you think you are innocent, Then you have a very strange way of looking at things, Arjun” He said “You know it too, You killed that officer today”

“I.didn’t.kill.him” I stressed each word angrily “I’m merely doing my job, If I have to get information on someone, I will have to, Just like the way I have to defend my client who has committed crimes”

“Ok Arjun, I got what you mean, If you still want to pretend you are a good person, Do it”

“I assure you, Mahesh, I am not a good person” I told him “So you should stop provoking me” I told him deadly.

“Whoa! Calm down, Arjun” Abiram said mockingly “I Am really surprised to see the normally cool Arjun Surya Narayan losing your cool, I guess, It does bother you after all” he stated.

“Yes, It does bother me, Abiram, A lot..” I turned to him “But now that I have father’s consent to select my cases, It’s not such a bad deal for me” I retorted “You should be the ones careful now”

“You bloody-” Abiram clutched my shirt in his grip and I looked down at his hands.

“Do you think I am weak and helpless like before?” I asked him deadly as I looked in to his eyes.

At 28, I am taller than my two “brothers”.

Abiram, who’s 33 years old, loved to bully me during the school days.

And Mahesh, three years elder to me, Used to find ways to trap me in trouble without getting directly involved to avoid father’s punishment.

So our hatred didn’t start here, It has a long history. The only time when they unite is to create trouble for me.

“Take your hands off me” I told him firmly “Now!”

Even though he is five years elder to me, at six feet two inches, I am towering over his five feet 10 inches.

Unlike the past, I have trained myself to be the best in kickboxing-All thanks to my lovely brothers.

“Sir..please” Pramod, The executive director, Who had been silently watching all this time spoke up slowly. “Boss will not be happy if he know this” He said “please stop this”he said.

I was still staring at Abiram, who was still refusing to back down. are asking for this-

But just before I could make him my punch bag, Mahesh moved closer.

“This is your problem Abiram” Mahesh stepped to us and moved Abiram’s hands out of my shirt “you act before you think” he said “you need to fix that temper of yours” he turned to me and smiled.

“Just think that we have a machine on our side” He said “we are lucky that we have a human robot to deal with our problems” he said.

I restrained from showing any kind of reaction and giving him the satisfaction.

I gave him my best smile and nodded.

“I am glad you acknowledged my works, Mahesh, I will consider it as a start” I said before walking out of there.

Trishana Hariprasad.

I looked in the mirror and corrected my fake bob and wore my nerdy glasses, The Executive style pant and the full sleeve shirt with the blazer completed my look.

It looks like I can’t ever go back to my old simple carefree life.

I am 26 years old and a reporter by profession, So the faux bob and the slightly Nerdy look with the executive style dressing is like my armour in this field.

Once I was sure that I look okay, I opened the secret vault in my room and pressed the password, A secret door opened slowly beside the bookshelves and I walked inside.

I fixed the new newspaper cuttings on the wall.

Uncle Ajith is dead...

Unlike the other victims, Ajith Roy case is a shock to me, I didn’t see that coming, I always thought uncle Ajith is a superhero who can fight with Surya group.

I took a step back and looked at the photo of the accident site and the burnt car he was Driving.

“When my dad was killed, You promised to help me bring out the truth, You were the only hope I had uncle” I said slowly “I feel Ashamed to face you like this, I am a reporter and I know that it was not an accident, But I can’t report the truth, I had to report it as an accident case” I stopped.

“I am going to work harder now, I promise you, I don’t want to be shadowed by Big corporations anymore” I said.

I was still standing in front of the news article when my cameraman, Nitin appeared beside me.

He’s the only person who knows about this secret room in my house.

“Whoa! The walls are almost filled! How long have you been following the Surya group?” he asked me, Watching all the articles and information that was arranged in the walls.

“Almost 8 years now, Ever since my Dad was arrested on false charges” I said.

My Dad was the CEO of the TV channel “Truth”, One of the leading major news outlet and he wanted to report the real truth.

So it was no wonder that he started fighting with Surya group, When All the other channels reported a favorable story for them, My dad reported the truth.

Nothing worked when they tried to bribe us or make a deal with us, The last solution they found was to get rid of him from his own company.

So he was arrested for manipulating the shares and embezzlement, And imprisoned.

He was murdered inside the prison when a fight between inmates happened just before he was to be released, So my dad died inside the prison and My mom collapsed at the news.

Which left me and my revenge.

I was only 18 at the time and now at 26, I still haven’t reached my goal, Because the new ceo and the board are afraid of Surya group and the control of truth TV started to move into Surya groups hand.

“I am sorry” Nitin said slowly “I know Ajith Roy sir was your dad’s good friend” he said.

“It’s been 8 years, Nitin, But nothing changed for me, I am still as far away from fighting the Surya group as I was 8 years ago, I am still powerless to report the truth, I am still weak and pathetic to fight them” I said “My dad would be ashamed of me”

“Don’t talk like that” Nitin turned to me “The only reason you are still staying at the company is because you haven’t given up, You are still fighting for the truth and if there’s no reporters like you out there, All the news will be trash, people will get only what the big corporations wants them to get”he said. “My dad wants to make sure that I will help you in all situations”he said “He’s sorry that he can’t help you”

Nithin’s father was one of my dad’s directors and he resigned when the company’s management power was moved to Narayan’s puppets, Before he left, He brought nitin to help me and told us to stick together.

It’s a great relief to me because he’s the greatest support for me when all others in the company are treating me indifferently.

We only have a small group of people who are still loyal to the old company and wants to report the real truth. But since we have been suppressed too much, the number is decreasing day by day.

“Do you think anything will change?” I looked at him “We are still where we started”

“You are wrong” Nitin looked around “We have a lot of information on them”he said. “I don’t think there’s anyone out there who knew about Surya group as much as you do” He said “you have been following them for years now, just wait for the right moment, we will have our chance” He said.

I shook my head “I am done with waiting, Nitin” I said “I need to start acting now, I am going to expose everything on them”

“You have already been demoted and you can’t decide what to broadcast anymore” Nitin looked at me “If you do anything reckless now, They will take away your mic too, You know, They are waiting for a chance to get rid of you” he said.

From the moment Surya group started to interfere in my company, They had started to demote me, That is ; five years to be exact.

I was working on a suicide case and Mahesh Surya Narayanan was directly involved, It was the first time I got my place replaced by someone else.

My files were taken away and given to the new reporter and the whole story changed overnight. It was concluded as a simple suicide case, they didn’t even mention the Surya group.

“I no longer care about that, My news slot is the least rated one and the time is when there’s no one watching the news, It will not make any difference even if they take the mic away”

“But Trisha-”

“They can’t fire me as long as I am one of the major shareholders, They can only keep demoting me” I said. “And if they really takes the mic away, I will start with the truth magazine again, Nobody can order me around there, It belongs to My Dad & Mom and now to me”

When they were freshly graduated, My mom and dad started their career by starting with the truth news magazine and slowly slowly they set up the broadcasting station and the channels which became one of the major news portal.

“Truth magazine!? But it’s been years since it was stopped, How can we revive it?”

“We can do it by reporting the truth” I said. “When my parents started it, The only thing that was different from other news was the truth, It helped them start the News Channel too, If we start it again, I think people will be interested or at least curious” I said.

Nitin nodded slowly “That does makes sense” he said “I will ask Dad to help us too” he said.

I nodded “Thank you Nitin” I said “I need a strong team to do this, I need to find people whom we can trust” I said.

“That will be difficult since we are against Surya group” He said.

“We will start from the victims, We convinced Maya to sue Mahesh Surya Narayan, the trial will be over this week” I said.

“I’m nervous about the case, They have Surya law firm with them, They have never failed a case before”

“We have all the necessary medical certificates with us, Let’s hope for the best” I said.

Ever since Surya law firm started five years ago, Surya group have been winning all the lawsuits, Their lawyer Varun is notorious for being heartless.

I hope Maya will get justice.

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