I'll Sleep When You're Dead

By reallogangrimes All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


One night Riley finally feels that she has found true happiness in life with boyfriend David. They go away to a nice secluded lake house to enjoy themselves, but five men break into where they are staying. Riley Martinez is traumatized, violated, and broken by the five men that attacked her and her lover. Riley falls into a deep pit in her own psyche and becomes engulfed by the thirst for revenge and discovers a world of crime that is unknown to the world. There are horrible and dangerous people in the world. She will do whatever it takes on her journey to bring her attackers to justice, and nothing will stop her until they are all dead.

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful night in the middle of June and it was a night for celebration. Riley Martinez was with the love of her life, David Romanov. David had brought Riley to his lake house for a week where they can spend some alone time with each other. They laid on the ground, gazing at the stars above. David and Riley looked into each other’s eyes with a great intensity, and they saw the strong love they had for each other. David moved in for a kiss and Riley allowed it. They locked lips and held it in order to savor the moment. David pulled away from Riley with smile on his face.

“You know, ever since I met you I have felt nothing less than true happiness.” David said as he brushed away her dark black hair from her face.

Riley smiled as her faced turned red. “You are the best thing to ever happen to me.” She told him.

The lovers kissed again, and then gazed back to the stars above. Riley looked upon the infinite universe and kept thinking about how the stars must have aligned for such a beautiful night. David grabs his phone and sets it on a nearby table. He turned on his phone and started to play slow romantic music. David walked over to Riley and extended his hand to Riley. “Would you like to dance?”

“I’d love to.” Riley said as she grabbed his hand. David pulled her to her feet, and they began to move to the music that rang into their ears.

“Do you remember this song?” David asked Riley as they waltzed.

Riley laid her head upon his chest. “This is the song that played when we first met.”

David looked down at Riley. “I remember you being so reluctant to speak with me, let alone go out with me.”

“Well, that was before I knew you.” The smile on Riley’s face receded. “Every guy I had knew had hurt me or used me. No one seemed to care about me. I had to fend for myself against a hostile world,” Riley looked into David’s eyes and said, “But you showed me there is hope.”

“I love you, Riley. I’ll do anything to protect you.” David said before he moved in for a kiss.

They held their kiss for a while, not wanting to separate. When they moved apart, there a silence between them. The song playing changes from a simple slow dance to a song about how two lovers belong together. The more upbeat nature of the song brought a smile to Riley and David. Riley is startled when she hears a rustling in the bushes nearby. She turns to the noise and a small black cat runs from the bush, going deeper into the wilderness.

“I hope that cat isn’t lost.” Riley said as she looked into the dark woods.

“I’m sure it’ll find it’s way.” David said as he turned to Riley. She gazed back at him, but something was bothering her deep down. Riley started to look around and she couldn’t get rid of the feeling of being watched. She looked back toward David, and she was hypnotized when her eyes locked onto his. His smile was like a ray of sunshine in a world consumed by darkness. She felt safe with him. She felt as if her only home was when she was within his arms. David held her close and he didn’t want to let her go.

“Riley,” David said as he lessened his grip on her. “I love you so much, and all I want in my life is for you to be happy.” David pulled a small case from his pocket and gets down on one knee. “Will you marry me, Riley Martinez?”

There was only one thing going through Riley’s mind at that moment. She began to shed tears of immense joy before she screamed, “Yes!”

Riley hugged David on the ground and he could hardly breathe, but when Riley let go of him, she looked at the ring he offered her. She grabbed it and observed the diamond as it shined under the moonlight. “This must have cost a fortune.” Riley said as she slipped the ring on her finger.

David stood to his feet. “I will spare no expense to see you smile.”

Riley lunged in for a kiss with David. They expressed their love for each other. Riley felt a euphoric feeling that she hadn’t felt in her entire life. She didn’t want to let go of the kiss, but loud thunder roared through the sky. When rain started to fall from the sky and land upon them, they laughed, collected their belongings, and headed inside.

David set his phone on the dining table to dry, and Riley gazed upon the ring with a childlike wonder. She couldn’t help but smile. She felt as if, for the first in her life, the future seemed like a dream instead of a nightmare. Fear and sorrow was replaced with hope and confidence.

David walked up behind her and held her close. He rested his head on her shoulder. “What are you thinking?” He whispered into her ear.

Riley just looked upon the ring and tried to find the words to say. She stuttered her words, and David chuckled and turned her to face him. They put their foreheads together and breathed the same air.

“I love you.” They both told the other.

They kissed and let their emotion control them. No more words were uttered between them. The went up to the bedroom on the second floor and shared the loved. Nothing else seemed important to them. The only thing that matter was each other. When they physically connected with one another on their bed, Riley didn’t reexperience the trauma that had usually ensue. She finally felt like she had finally achieved a win.

The clock struck midnight and the pouring rain became more intense. The lovers enjoyed themselves in their house without the worry of noise complaint from any neighbors. They were miles away from the closest town, and there was no one in between. There was only excitement when they climaxed together.

Riley thought to herself on how this is a night to remember. She couldn’t help but be excited for what life will give her. Riley and David laid next each, restless. They did not want to go to sleep for they didn’t want this perfect night to end. They moved upon each other for another kiss to end their perfect day, but in a sudden twist of fate the lights that shine upon them go out and they are left in complete darkness.

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