Pain: A Love Story

By 1DevilishDog All Rights Reserved ©



Turn away. Please return this to wherever or whomever you stole it from. This book is not for you. Honestly, you probably won't like this. I don't blame you. You want your fiction to be a fantastically forbidden love story involving an unlikely hero and his (or her ... calm down ladies) even more unlikely coming-of-age tale. This ain't that. Pull the wand out of your ass, dry your tears, and trot your book-snob ass down to Never Land, Princess. I say again, this book (and the collection of short stories within) is NOT for you.


It’s been almost two hours since I’ve had a hit. I’ve gotta get my fix, I can’t sleep without it. Please. Please somebody look at my blog. Give me a like, follow, and comment. Hell, who am I kidding, I’ll take any one of the three. Just please someone give it to me. Oh, a notification! What’s this? It’s a fan! No… It’s not… Just another spam comment. I swear, theses bots are going to be the death of me. Between the lulls in notifications forcing down from my high, into withdrawal, and the false alarms I don’t think I can do it. My heart can’t take much more. I bounce back and forth between my social media accounts… Did I get anything here? No. Damnit… Maybe it just needs to be refreshed… Nope… Shit… I’m going on three hours now and nothing. I’m getting the shakes… My eye lids are twitching, skin is itching, I just need something, anything to hold me over… Any little…

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