The Rescue Mission

By Jasmine All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


When a former CIA operative Gene Thomas seeks revenge on an Ex-Navy SEAL, Phil Kent. He kidnaps the Ex-Navy SEALs son and flee's to France. Phil will do everything in his power to get his son Russell back. With the help of the CIA and Russell's best friend Savannah Price.


St-Malo, France

When she made it through the dark streets of France on foot. There was a strange sound coming from a house down the block. Savannah kept her gun in her holster then walked along the sidewalks trying to look casual. Although it was a rainy day, someone having their head down constantly checking over their shoulders, it can look suspicious. She tried not to do that so no one would stop her to ask what’s wrong. When she was getting closer to the end of the block, she heard the strange sound again and then saw lights flickering from an abandoned building. It was time to head into the building quietly as possible. When she moved to the stairs that led to the basement, she opened it slowly. Then she grabbed her gun out of her holster holding it close to her body. There was a strange smell. The walls were falling apart even more with all the rain. There was barely any light, must be why the lights kept flickering. The floors were covered in mud as there were puddles of rainwater.

The sound happened again causing her to look behind her. When she looked forward she noticed there was nothing there. As she breathed in and out she walked toward the door at the end of the hallway and noticed it was locked. She thought to herself “Who locks a door in an abandoned building?” All she knew was she had to break it down somehow. She lifted her leg up and tried to kick the door in. It did not work so she stepped back then threw her body at the door and it broke open as the door fell to the ground. She straightened herself out as the door was on the ground. She gripped her gun then headed in. The moon shined into the room. Although it was still too dark to see anything. When she turned her head to the right she couldn’t really see anything but thought she saw someone sitting. She walked up to the chair and nothing was there. Then she heard a scream and held up her gun. As she turned around she heard the scream getting louder and louder. When she knew she had to start moving she followed the scream. It landed to a small room in the abandoned building.

The door seemed locked there as well. She put her gun in her left hand and then shook her arms out and legs then kicked the door open and pushed it with her arm. It was dark but she still heard the screams as she walked in she saw a tape recorder. Her eyes narrowed when she stopped playing it and the screams stopped. It did not make sense, she was sure he was here in this abandoned building. After that, she picked up the tape recorder and threw it across the room. Finally, she decided it was time to go. When she quickly got out of the building she dialed a number. When the other line picked up she said, “He’s not here.”

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