Kidnapped By My Crush

By BeX20302 All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


I wake up with a disgusting scent going through my nose. It is dark except of the little light shining through the small window in here. I feel weak and can’t move. I look down on my body and see the reason why I can’t move. I am tied on a chair. I try so hard to get my hands and feet out of the rope with which I was tied but it just won’t help. I start yelling for help with the hope that someone is out there and could hear me through the window. And indeed I see two feet walking from one side to the other in front of the window.

I’m smiling because I think this person will get me out of here and bring me back to my college.

The door creaks open making an ugly noise. A tall manly figure steps into the room but I can’t see his face because of the darkness.

“Oh, you’re awake” a deep manly voice says.

I was confused. Who is this? Is he my kidnapper? Oh god.

“Who are you?” I whisper still loud enough for him to hear.

“Oh Cora..” he sighs.

“How do you know my name?!” I yell with wide eyes.

A deep chuckle escapes his throat and he steps forward where the little light shines so I could see his face.


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