Boston Harbor Files

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Thriller / Romance


This is story follows a 16-year-old girl named Eirene. In an attempt to commit suicide, ceases unsuccessfully as she is rescued by a handsome, but disturbing and enigmati​c man. Things turn downhill as she realizes that he won't let her leave, not viable that is. Was it truly a rescue, or it another hell?

West Coast


Originally written on a small notepad. Dated August 18, 2011


Name- Eirene Maynard

Date of Birth- August 6, 1996

Ethnicity- Italian-Cuban

Education- Primary- Secondary School-Bachelors degree in molecular and biochemistry from Boston University

Weight- 42 Kg


Biological Parents- Gema Rivera and Edric Maynard

Biological Siblings- Hallie Maynard

In-law Parents- Jemima Maynard

In-law sibling- Felicia Rivera

Language- English and Spanish

I’m sitting on the beaches of the west coast. Running away to Northern California with the pitch-black sky, I should’ve stayed home. Slightly inebriated with the drugs beginning to take influence, though regardless, I had already settled even before I got to this state of mind. I just needed some artificial courage. Dipping my toes into the faint line between sand and sea, I engulf a big breath. Mentally shrieking ’be brave’ repeatedly in my brain, still in question if this is an act of bravery or truly cowardice. Facing the deepening sea head-on, I’m prepared to end at fifteen. I shiver, the thought that suffering reaches its end today reaches the forefront of my mind then diluted by the sheer fear that infested by shallow heart like them the plague. Stride by stride, I walk into the aloof waters. I assumed the seas to be a bit warmer, after all, this is not Boston. The water begins to tickle my neck. Bare feet make contact the seaweed underneath the water. I keep walking on the sea floor until I can only stand on the tips of my toes. My nostrils begin to approach the waters, tilting my head up trying to obtain space to breathe. Cognizant that I don’t know how to swim I try to devise the form of a what a swimmer should resemble. I am nowhere near what swimming looks like, but I keep trying to go deeper. I only paddle for a couple of meters before I start taking mouthfuls and inhales of salt water. Is this it, the end? I see lights in the distance. Looking down into the water illuminated by moonlight. Gaze upon the view behind me, I’m greeted by the pebbles, strands of grass and sand. The green grasses reflect the light of the moon. Then the thickets and high trees and the great Klamath mountains.

And stop trying.

I remember a light while my eyes burned with the salt. Slowly descending towards the sea floor. The star in the distance keeps approaching me, filling me with exoticism. Bubbles stream out of mouth and nose as I begin to lose oxygen. I choke, but if I was on land, I would’ve sighed with relief. Is that light heaven? Am I dead already? I can’t think of the feeling of my arm’s instinctive motion to protect myself give up. I sink, staring above at the light progressing towards me. My chest hurts but it will all be over soon. I have never felt more alive with aching pain in my heart. This white light gets closer. I feel strong arms grab me around my waist.

I begin to realize that my choking isn’t the only thing making the world around me move.

Eirene describes committing suicide after being saved. the Klamath Mountains are in northern California as she says herself, a National park. How'd she end up in California? She oddly she doesn't mention Matt. Perhaps she wanted to stay true to her original thoughts during the event? Short compared to her other entries, disregarding the poems of course. In the situation she is in, why would she leave a trace. From what we know she is taciturn. Why would she give us this? Tommorow, I am going to California. Gotta leave Kim with the kids for a week. Shit. I should be here, Kim just gave birth to Harris three weeks ago. Should be taking care of my wife and kids but instead chasing a case in Cali. What's wrong with me?

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