50 ways to say Goodbye

By Dalai All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance


Lisa Tekseng is a bestselling crime writer who finds that a number of bizarre murders are taking place in the city of New Delhi, an already bustling center of crime. Lisa is under suspicion as these murders are being committed based on scenes from her novels. The plot thickens as Lisa's criminologist boyfriend, a false godman, a rogue politician, racist goons all get entangled in a maze of lies, deception and violence...


‘What is your problem, you insolent woman?’ A drunken man was scolding his wife in a sluggish tone and inflicting pain on her.

‘I am just telling you to stop drinking. You waste your hard-earned money over alcohol and act like you have gone nuts. Further, what’s with beating up those people? Why are you turning into a goon? Nobody respects you. I cannot live with a man like this.’ His wife protested.

‘I married you for taking care of my home and not for preaching me about living my life. How dare you talk to me like that, huh?’ He slapped her and threw an empty bottle of liquor at her. Every day, the poor woman was tortured by this beast. And sadly, she could not do much to improve her condition.

The drunkard had crossed all the limits. He was thrashing her like anything, as if she were a rag doll. Aamir, the son of this middle-class couple was seeing all this from his room. He was a ten year old lad. The loud noises woke him up. The kid got heavily disturbed on seeing his mother being treated in such an inhuman manner. A feeling of anger surged inside him. Every single day, he saw his gentle, loving mother being tortured by this ‘booze-hound’. Obviously, the child hated his old man but on that particular night, this hatred reached the extremes. He could no longer witness this pain. Aamir wept his tears and had a fire burning in his eyes.

In anger, a person has no control over his mind and sometimes, he does things that are really crazy. Something like this happened that night. Aamir rushed to another room and took out his old man’s unlicensed 0.32” revolver from his father’s cupboard. The gun was an easy to handle weapon with two bullets left in the chamber. People say that the father is supposed to be a chap who gives up everything to make his child win. But here this drunkard dad was so horrible that his son had an intention to send him to hell’s gates.

On entering his parents’ room, he saw his mother sitting and crying in one corner while the mad dad was lying on the bed without any remorse.

‘What’s your problem now, kid?’ The father asked.

‘The problem is you.’ Aamir took out the gun and aimed it at him.

‘You don’t have the slightest idea of what you are doing, son. Put the damn gun down.’

‘Don’t do it, Aamir.’ His mother tried to stop him but Aamir did not listen to her.


Two bullets passed through his father’s stomach. He shouted in pain and fell on the bed staining the sheets red. Aamir was only a ten year old boy then. The chap loved his mother a lot and he could tolerate no harm done to her. Aamir’s old man was probably dead and his mother along with him immediately packed their bags and ran away someplace where they would be safe, some place where they could start a new life.

Fast forward a few years and Aamir is in his teens. His mother was having a good job hence improving their financial condition. They did not have to face any drunkard now. However, Aamir’s action to kill his father had brought a change in him. Aamir grew mentally depressed. He became more serious and grim in his life compared to other boys of his age. But eventually the depression subsided when he got into his teenage years at school.

Every school day, his gloom escaped by just seeing the smile on the face of a girl called Lisa in her class. He was a shy guy and hence never dared to talk to her. But there was something about that girl that he always wanted to be close to her. Aamir was an adolescent; so developing feelings for the other gender was a natural case. But still, this case was different as he got overly obsessed with her.

For instance, one day, another fellow student was teasing Lisa for some stupid reason. He pulled her hair, stalked her and did everything that could make her uneasy. Aamir got really furious when he came to know about this. And when he got angry, things got real serious.

Aamir encountered that classmate in the boys’ washroom. There was nobody else.

‘So, why do you tease Lisa?’ Aamir asked while both of them were washing their hands.

His classmate was taken aback by such a sudden question. ‘Hey, loser, I do whatever I want to. What’s your problem?’ He responded.

‘I am just warning you not to mess with her. The next time I see you even touch her…’

‘What will you do, buddy?’ The boy grabbed Aamir’s collar and lifted his fist. ‘Even Lisa is not worried as much as you are. So what’s the matter?’

‘Leave my collar.’

‘I am starting to think that you love her, Aamir.’

‘Just shut the hell up.’

‘So, that’s it, wimp. But let me tell you one thing. Lisa is never going to fall for a dork like you.’

‘Don’t even say her name.’

‘Are you mad or what? You are behaving as if she is girl or something. Take it easy, man.’

Aamir kicked the boy making him fall on the side of the basin. He then smashed his head on the mirror. He was seriously hurt and in a helpless condition. It was not expected that a so called ‘dork’ or ‘wimp’ would batter him up in such a manner.

‘You’re a psycho, man.’ The beaten-up boy whimpered.

‘Call me a psycho but do not ever try to harm Lisa.’ Aamir said angrily. The injured boy was trembling in fear. He understood that Aamir was nuts about Lisa. If there was any other female whom Aamir loved more than his mother and for whom he could do anything, it was that girl Lisa.

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