The Comet

By Ian Wisby All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


The world is in peril. A giant comet is on a collision course with the Earth. All hope to destroy it is lost, and mankind faces its impending destruction. Businessman Gary Swanson has had it tough. After losing his wife to his best friend, losing his company, and his life. he decides to end it all before the comet hits.

Chapter 1

It had been all over the news for the past month. Ever since it showed its ugly face in the sky, people were nonstop talking about it. The comet could be seen clear as day as it approached Earth’s atmosphere. I remember hearing about it on the morning news saying that it was ten times the size of Ayres Rock; a giant monster coming from the depths of space to kill us all. For weeks after its discovery, the government was stating that they were doing everything they can to stop it…Utter bullshit. The government was incapable of doing anything about it, as the entire nation was under siege with corruption, and crime. Because of the comet, the nation was thrown into a financial turmoil. I heard that there were plans to send a crew up to the comet in attempt to destroy it, but nothing ever happened. The Americans couldn’t do anything; they were in the midst of a civil war, and tens of thousands of people were left homeless. The Russians wouldn’t even think about doing anything, they were too busy dealing with their own crisis. I remember the day very clearly; waking up with a massive hangover, I rolled over to see the TV blasting the report which was stating that a comet was on a collision course with Earth. From that day onwards, people just went mental, especially once they realised that nothing was to be done to stop it. Riots ravished the streets of all major cities across Australia.

Crime was now a legal thing and dozens of shops and businesses fell due to vandalism. Today, no one showed up to work; which I guess is understandable considering that death was knocking on everyone’s door. I, however, decided to come into the office one last time. I guess it wasn’t so bad that the comet was going to hit as my company was going under; not because of the comet, but because of stupidity and greed. I made the wrong decision six months ago, and now I was paying the price. I sat in my office watching as the city was burning. The news was indicating that the comet would be impacting Earth in less than six hours, so there wasn’t much time to do anything constructive.

Instead, I decided to pour myself a drink, a stiff drink. I had a bottle of Red Label Scotch which my Dad gave me for when I sealed the deal on the next stage of the company’s expansion, of course, that went south, and so did my marriage, and my finances. I poured myself a glass and sculled it in one gulp. It was strong but tasty. I poured another glass and drank it. That one hit the spot; I ended up having about six glasses and was starting to affect my mind, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to feel anything when that doomsday rock hit. I knew it was pointless coming into work today, but after everything I’d been through in the last month, I wanted to be here at the end. There was something in my mind that told me I should be here. It then struck me as to what…After I finished my seventh drink, I staggered out of my giant office by the window and wandered through the empty office floor. Paperwork riddled the whole floor, and the building’s lights were flickering.

I eventually made my way up to the roof, which seemed like it took forever. As I pushed open the fire escape door, my eyes were blinded by the fiery orange glow created by the comet. I looked up with blurred vision and could see the giant comet speeding towards us. I have to admit, it was an impressive sight, it was just a shame that it was coming to kill us all…I then staggered over towards the edge of the roof with the half-drunk bottle of Scotch in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. I gave up smoking more than a year ago, but well, in light of what’s happened, I couldn’t wait to light up that first cigarette. Dad was an alcoholic, which was probably where I picked it up from.

I hit the drink hard when I found out about my company’s downfall, and then my wife left me. What was particularly hard about it all, was the fact that my best friend was part of the scam. He pushed me to go ahead with it, and unfortunately, I didn’t realise that it was a fake company led by him. It was all one big con to steal my money and my company and my wife. Losing my wife to my best friend was the most hurtful thing out of the whole situation. But since the comet appeared, I was the one who had the last laugh, because now they were both doomed also…Good riddens in my opinion. I went over to the edge and sat down right on the ledge, still holding the bottle. I looked out across the city skyline. Plumes of smoke and fire riddled the city and the echoing sounds of people screaming and crying were deafening. I could also hear emergency sirens, but there was not a whole lot they could do. I took another swig from the bottle this time, and the alcohol pinched my throat as it went down. I had been sitting there for the past couple of hours, watching as my life flashed before me, literally. I looked at my watch and saw that five hours had gone by. Only one hour until doomsday. I looked up at the comet…It was getting closer. I wanted to end it all before the comet hit.

As I was about to jump, my phone decided to beep. Great, that was pretty rude to interrupt a guy who was about to commit suicide. I took it out of my pocket to see who it was. To my surprise, it was my ex-wife…What the fuck? I thought. I read it…It read, ‘I Still Love You’


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