IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Ninety Nine

Towards evening, walking close together, Ted and Rita found their steps led them past the parking lot. Rita noticed Stephen and Carrie, holding each other close, over by the edge of the bluff. “Don’t they make a cute couple? I’d like to get to know her better, wouldn’t you?”

Carrie noticed the approach of Ted and Rita. “Honey, let’s take a walk with those two. Have a feelin’ our paths are meant to be crossed.”

Together the four approached the scenic overlook. None spoke, just two guys holding their ladies. The sun peeked out from between two layers of thick clouds just before it set, sending bright rays of peach colored sun over the four, highlighting their stand on the bluff. The ladies stood with their eyes closed, drinking in the moment, wanting this instance to last forever, held by their men, bathed in Gods light.

The final rim of the sun blinked out as a freshening breeze blew across the former city, then up the sheer side of the bluff, to bring a not too healthy reminder of the aromas of a dying city to the four.

Rita was the first to turn away, suddenly pinching her lip in thought. “How ‘bout the four of us getting’ ’way from this, like on a double date sort of thing?”

Ted nodded to Stephen who raised his eyebrow in thought. “Sure, I think the idea is great, but, um, I’ll probably be the downer here. After what’s happened, we might be targeted wherever we go, see what I mean?”

Rita put her hand over her mouth to stop her alarm. “I didn’t…, didn’t think of it like that, but you’re right on. But we…”

Carrie turned to Stephen with a perfectly pouted lip and quivering chin. “Sometimes a lady needs to dress up and go out, just to get away from, um…” She pointed down over the bluff. “Just to get away from that.”

Dark waves rippled away from the Shield of Faith under immediate orders from superior dark power. “Gather together my legions of darkness for this is not our time.”

Dark pools responded, knitting together in cohesive strength, ready for new strategy, new forms of deceit and attack.

Ancient darkness watched from afar as the man of prayer stood with his friends on the bluff, waiting and watching for Word, knowing in vision that which was to come, indeed was knocking at the door…

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