IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Ninety Six

Herb couldn’t hold his feet still. He danced a quick flurry and beamed his smile to everyone. “Don’t understand it. No, not one bit. Just lost everything I owned in this world, ’cept you dear, and the Lord replaced my sadness with joy. How can it be?”

Herb gave another hop. “See, my foot, ankle, and knee are perfectly healthy, ready for another round. You see, I witnessed a great fight over this campus. Darkness wanted to take it back, to silence our mission, but then, I can’t begin to describe it, flashes of His Glory, tremendous warriors cutting through the darkness, barely in time, for much is at stake. Now, that which we held to is only a tool, for our mission is twofold; to tell a nation to stop striving without the Lord. To stop, yes, that’s it, because time is gone, behold Calamity waits, gathering her strength to trample down all that is, to turn the nation to His Way, and then…, chaos will come…”

Ted echoed the words. “Turn the nation to His Way…, that they may know His Truth and Truth will set them free.” He pivoted and grabbed Rita’ arm, turning her clumsily with him. He gestured to the west. “Yes, from the west will come Calamity, as a furnace, riding on Bitter Wind. Woe to those who turn not!”

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