IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Ninety Two

Panic hit Tent City and the other two estates. People screamed and ran in all directions, seeking other family members. Would Tent City be next?

Rita fell into Ted’ arms. “I can’t do this anymore. Not like this.”

Carrie shuddered from shock as Stephen wrapped arms around her. “This can’t be for real. We’ll all be killed next.”

Together they moved away from the house, around smoldering debris, following Gordy’ lead toward the little white church on the bluff.

Diane and the surrounding guards picked themselves off the lawn, surprised they had only minor cuts. Pastor Herb tried to get his knee to support him, but couldn’t manage. He fell back, reaching for the pain shooting up his foot and ankle.

Two medics rushed to him. Diane pushed her hands over her face as she recognized his pain. This is too much. My love…

The medics nodded toward her. “Quick, over to the gym. Dr. Pettigrew is still there. Looks like his foot and ankle, maybe knee too.” Two other guards ran up with a stretcher and helped slide Herb over into it. People stopped in shock to see a victim carried away on a stretcher, not knowing who it was.

Herb waved for them to wait a minute. He raised his head to see Ted and Rita move toward the church, followed by the others in a close huddle. “They made it too. How can this be? We all made it – if Ralph and Elise did?”

His question hung empty in the night air.

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