IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Nine

Mary Samuelson tired of her river town life. Surely something or somewhere is better than this? I feel so trapped here. She twisted her dark locks absently in her muse. Surely something is better.

She twisted the towel in her hands in frustration. I don’t want to be this, this Raven that they call me. I don’t want men to think of me that way either…, but.

She threw down the towel in disgust and tossed her dark curls back. I feel so empty and lonely, not for just another man, but a real true relationship. If there truly is a God, then where is He?

She bent down to pick up the errant towel and added it back to the pile of laundry. I’m just like these towels. Used over and over for some dark purpose, then put back on the pile.

Looking east across the river, her gaze moved up the massive cliff face to the top of the bluff. The gleaming white church spire was unmistakable. As she gazed out a quiet reflection settled into her inner person. I wonder…, what’s that church up on the bluff like? I’ve certainly not moved in that direction or toward any church. Who is God anyway? I’ve seen some pretty callous things done, ‘in God’ name’, that’s for sure, but…, what’re the people like up there?

Mary felt stirred inside herself. Lost in reflection, she stood for a moment. Her gaze shifted to the new high bridge from west to east. I remember those months of debate. What a waste of time and money. Now look, the north end of town is all new business, leaving the old downtown and south docks stuck in yesterday.

She turned to look past the door, letting her eyes look past the tired old town, still holding the next towel. Maybe that’s where I should go to get away from those old low docks. Sure isn’t what it used to be.

She paused in memory of the old dance hall. Now those were some good times, back when my dark looks and figure could lure… She pushed her face into the towel and stomped her foot in anger. Yeah, stupid girl. Just look where that left you. Just as lonely and tired as this part of town.

Mary heard her television in the background announce a news flash special report. “An earthquake below Yellowstone Park occurred this morning at 9:20 a.m. Serious damage includes the old bridge across the Yellowstone River.” Pictures of the torn structure with the east end under water played across the screen. I remember crossing that bridge. I was young then, free and single, with none of the pain of life today. The beautiful natural smile that covered her face changed back to her now normal scowl in the presence of her inner turmoil.

Ted stopped at the top overlook senses tingling. This is it! Something to the northwest changed everything. Hmmm, as if a Holy sequence is started and we’re at the center of His attention. He pivoted to stare back at the church, half expecting it to start shaking. Turning again he looked down at the busy city, hearing the soft still voice…, why didn’t you listen and hear. Why must you strive without me? Now the time of striving is over for Calamity is at hand…

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