IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Eighty Nine

Eight miles away, Ralph couldn’t settle for the night. “No sense in me trying to lie down yet.” He headed for the bathroom.

Elise went to the kitchen to make his favorite combination, peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow cream and warm milk.

Twin blasts originated in their bedroom closet, engulfing the bedroom in an instant. It blew out the windows and walls in a shatter of burning bedding, glass, and building.

Ralph fell into the bathtub underneath splintered wallboard and tiles, his yell muted by the roar.

Elise fell to her knees in the kitchen. She pushed herself up in disgust. Jesus, help me find Ralph. She rushed over burning debris to the bathroom in time to see Ralph trying to stand upright in the pile of smoldering wallboard and bathroom fixtures. Heat from the spreading fire chased them down the hall and out the side entrance. Together they half limped and ran into the cool evening air. Their home sent a pillar of bright flame into the night sky.

People in Tent City heard the second boom and recognized the glow of bright flames to the north. “Oh no! A second bomb!”

A squad of soldiers burst into Pastor Herb and Diane’ home, ready for anything. “Get out! Get out now!”

Herb and Diane raced outside in time to look up at the glow in the north with an echoing boom. Herb staggered as he realized what it meant. He pulled Diane to him. “That would be Ralph and Elise. The stopped on the lawn in prayer. God, is this what Ted meant? Protect them, Lord. Protect us all?

Diane looked at the mounting flames from both blasts and fell to her knees in sobs. “No, not Ralph and Elise and those guys. Lord, what’s happening?”

Two guards raced around the house. They spied a dark figure running away into the shadows. Spurred on by the blasts, the first guard threw himself at the runner in a flying tackle.

Simon fell to the dirt. In an instant, he rolled, bringing out his knife in return thrust, catching the guard in the hip. Rolling back again and up in a crouch he reached out for a second blow. The second guard knocked Simon back with a viscous kick that sent the knife flying into the night. Then both guards were on him, flattening him back against the lawn for good.

Simon’ last look made him gasp in fright as his legions retreated. Over him stood Glorious angel, so bright in full battle dress, remained fixed on his retina as he passed out.

The kitchen above them exploded followed a second later by an explosion in the garage that ripped that part from the shattered home and scattered it over the three combatants.

Out front the guards and Herb and Diane dove for the lawn, held down by an invisible hand as hot air, shreds of house, and glass, blew over them.

A mile away, a tired looking old man pulled back onto the road, a rare smile covering his face and froze there. His legions recoiled from a second front, reeling in disarray from the Lord’ host.

He peered ahead. What’s this. Two trucks and some guards? Looks like a barricade. This’ll change my plan. I won’t be able to take out the church.

He reached down and flipped two switches under the seat. This’ll take us all out and solve my biggest problem. Not letting them find out who I am and what I know.

The dark general in him strained in response to the ambush developing around him. Dark wisps of dissolving defense blew past him, revealing bright warriors reaching for him from all directions. “No, this can’t be the end.”

All together, the old man, the pickup, both guard trucks, blew up into a mushrooming ball of orange flame, puncturing the night with a bellow of flame and smoke. The guards felt thrown away and held down as hot debris flattened the brush around them. As one, they found their feet and ran from the spreading flames, not knowing of His Mighty Warriors standing between them and the rising column of death.

People in Tent City heard the twin blasts, close enough to feel the concussions. “Oh no, a third one!”

From the north east a cherry red cloud of flame mushroomed into the air followed by an immense thunderclap. “Oh no, a fourth one, really big!”

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