IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Eighty Six

The old man dialed in anger and haste. Despair covered his sweaty face. Darkness stirred warning within him. He glanced up and moaned as little Sams glistening army stood ready to come for him. Can’t believe it. I’ve been the one…, the one allowed to remain since before ancient times. The Greeks called me Aeon and worshiped me. He grimaced and coughed as the approaching Light brought his legions to swarm. I’ve been thorn to Christians and Jews and now look…, I’m crumbling like old stone.

It’s the prayers of the saints. How can it be? First those prayer warriors, then the bikers…, and now the faith of a little girl can cast me aside. Let’s see ’em handle this.

Brodine answered his flashing red command. The old man whispered instructions in wavering voice. “No, not next week when you’ll have men in place. My time is almost up. We need to strike now. Tonight. That’s it.”

The old man gasped as another spasm jerked his body making him break into shaking. He clumsily dialed in a second number. When Simon answered he gave two words. “Strike tonight.”

He dropped the phone into the mess covering his pickup floor. He mumbled dark words held for this moment, calling his ancient darkness to the attack, to give him enough time to take out his enemies.

Seven miles away Ted and Sam stood for the Lord. A messenger landed next to Sam and hurried his line. “The calls are made. Stand ready for this is His Day of Light.”

Ted watched as total darkness gathered on the horizon, giving notice of their intention for battle.

Ted raised his loose arm and pointed toward the darkness. “For the Glory of God.”

Angels swung into line and shouted his phrase. “For the Glory of God.”

Sam gasped in awe and grasped Ted around his neck and shrieked. “There they go. My angels will stomp out darkness in Jesus Name. More angels picked up her line of faith. “In Jesus Name.”

Flashes of Brightness gashed out ahead of the advancing angels, shredding the first ranks of darkness, seeking the old man.

Ted gathered Rita close to his side. “Remember this sight forever, for we’ll be called to this task again, in His Name, and for His Glory, in places west of here…, after the storm…, and sooner, some time this week, you’ll see.”

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