IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Eighty Four

Ted grew more uncomfortable as the day went by. This time he knew why. He found Rita heading for Carries trailer. Tent City, with so much suffering. Weighs on me so… So where’s my faith. Like little Sam, able to believe that God can step in with Healing…, an’ He did.

Rita, you okay now, after last night?”

Rita nodded but didn’t look him in the eye. I remember my vision, so rich…, so real…, so powerful. Yeah, I know your feeling and her feeling.

Ted gestured. “Let’s go back to Tent City. I have an idea…”

Rita checked his eyes for his now famous glimmer to see for herself. Nah, looks like regular ol’ Ted. “Sure. What’s up?”

Ted pulled her away for a walk. They walked on hand in hand, waiting for Ted to form his thoughts.

Rita watched him. Any second now he’s gonna fly ’way in vision…

She gasped as Ted suddenly stopped and looked sharply at her. “What? I know what it is now.”

Rita laughed. “I thought, you know, how you fly off with vision. That’s what I thought this was ’bout.”

Ted nodded. “I do that. Don’t I? Not right now though. See? It’s these injured people in these tents, out there in the field, seems like they’re everywhere, hundreds of ’em. Quite a ministry in and of itself. Sometimes in the evening I can’t come down here for the sing-a-long. Just can’t do it. Am I wrong for that?”

Rita grew very serious at his words. “You too? Thought I was the only one. Remember that little girl and her testimony of how she was healed, then the doctor. For some reason that didn’t cover Tent City.”

Ted let his thoughts go back to that first morning. “It came to me last night, after you joined me, and I remember that first morning like it just happened, you an’ I with Chris, you know. Now this is more like a burden. Wondering ’bout it. You?”

Rita twisted her lip in thought. “I know this is a matter of much prayer, and yet, hmmm. Wonder what little Sam would do. You?”

Ted squeezed her hand. “Yeah I wonder too. You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?”

Rita hooked her arm around Ted’ arm and they hot stepped it to the gym.

They stopped as a ball scooted by, followed by a bunch of happy kids. Parents set up tables for lunch off to the side, and a group of excited adults gathered around little Sam, talking in excited patterns.

Ted and Rita joined the group as one adult looked up at them. “Seems like Sam is expecting someone.”

Sam spied Rita and ran to her. “My angel’s coming back. I know it, I know it.”

Sams dad reached over her to Ted. “I’m Reuben. This is my wife Andrea. Don’t know what’s got into Sam. Since last night she’s been wild with this idea of her Healing angel coming back.

Ted and Rita exchanged knowing looks. “That’s why we’re here.” Rita knelt down to her level. “We feel the same way, ever since last night, that this would be a special moment and here we are.” She stood back up and addressed the group. “You see, Ted and I both have this ongoing battle with the darkness. We know that hundreds more need healing but for some reason Tent City missed that first Blessing. It’s the darkness, particularly an old man of ancient times, trying to hold the darkness over us. “Bout drove Ted and I crazy last night figuring it out.

Ted put his arm toward Sam. “Yeah that, and faith too. See, I let doubt and fear sway my thinking. Let my faith go at the sight of so much hurt and pain. There are powerful forces of darkness nearby, seeking to do us wrong. But no more. After much prayer and searching for His Wisdom, we feel this is the right moment and look. Sam got the same message.”

I put the word out. In half an hour, whoever hears the call will meet us in Tent City. Just to let everyone know. This isn’t about Rita and I, or actually not little Sam either. It’s about faith in God and in His Healing Power, and in His timing.”

Andrea spoke up in her soft voice. Simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

Ted and Rita chuckled. “Amen to that.”

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