IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Eighty Two

Stephen wrapped understanding arms around Carrie and held her tight, letting her know his love. Lord, bless this dear girl that I love through me, Lord, through me…

Rita whirled around as she felt touch, spied Stephen holding Carrie close, and realized His Presence. She moved quickly toward the two, stopping to tap Ted on the arm and point. “Come on. Something’s up.”

Ted huffed by her side, matching her long strides, but slowed as he neared the two. Lord, I feel your Presence. This vision thing is so incredible. Help her Lord to adjust to the grandeur of what she’s seeing. I know…

Rita slowed as Ted did, uncertain how to proceed.

Carrie gasped with tears in her eyes as Rita approached. “It’s too wonderful…, a vision of Warning and oh…, to feel His Strength…, too wonderful…”

Rita looked up at a struggling Stephen. “You can let her go. She’ll be fine. I know this feeling an’ she’s right. It’s too awesome for words.”

Rita wiped Carries hair back from her flushed face and waited in anticipation for her Warning. Carries eyes darted back and forth and stopped when she found her love. Reaching for Stephen she gasped. “Warning. I got Warning about you, my love.”

She gasped again, trying to collect the message. “An angel warned me for you, and the entire ministry team.

She looked again at Ted and Rita. “Yes. That’s it. Warning that you’ll be attacked. An…, I saw an angel. Oh my…”

Rita knew and understood. “I know the feelin’. You’ll want to sit down ’bout now.”

Carrie nodded. “It’s just so beautiful… No, wait. A serious message was delivered. I’m supposed to help you lead the revival but you…, I mean us. We’re going to be attacked, this time it’s the ministry team. Hmmm, didn’t say when…”

Carrie turned back and sat down, shaking. “I hope Stephen understands.”

Rita nodded. “Sure. See the way he looks at you, an’ held you, an’ understood, just like Ted did for me. We’ve got us two special guys!”

Carrie giggled. “Yeah, I can see my next news feature. “Ladies. Here’s a tip on how to catch the man of your dreams. Implore our Lord for an incredible vision, then drop into his arms.” Both girls giggled until Carrie felt her features quiet. “Seriously though. You’re right. How can this be? In two weeks, such a deep love. It’s so great and all together irresistible.”

Rita laughed. “Amen to that!”

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