IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Eighty

Stephen stood off to one side of the Sunday morning church crowd with his arm around Carrie. “This will be new for me, you know, not being up front directing traffic. Soon as Ted and Rita found out that you had the morning off an” I could be with you, they stepped right up.”

He looked down into her upturned face. “How ’bout you? You gonna miss not being on camera?”

She responded by leaning into him with a sigh.

They turned together to the front as music rang out.

Stephen grinned as he noticed Rita scurry away from the front and looked toward camera with her thumbs up sign.

He startled to hear Carrie sing along to the first hymn in her beautiful alto. He mumbled along in his base. Sure don’t have an ear for music like she does. This is awesome. “Wow, didn’t know, like, um, you sing so…, pretty.” Like everything else about you.

His notice encouraged her to sing out like others around them. After the hymn she looked up at him. “Yup, that’s me. Full of surprises for you.”

They turned again as the choir sang out, then watched the choir melt away as Pastor Herb stepped up. See that? They’re getting better at this.

Carrie felt a difference in Stephen as His Word opened. She looked up to see his eyes note each verse with respect, and something more. You have wisdom and understanding that I can only guess at and I respect you dearly for it. You seem to have a calling to the Word. Now I understand why you hold it so close. “I’m getting it. This is Power over darkness, over sin.”

What’s that song? There is strength in the name of the Lord. He might be right. No, he is right. People need the Lord…, an’ revival.

She turned to him as the quartet started a soft verse of, ‘Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling’. Turning to him she looked into deep sincerity. “I get it now, honey. This is the power of life, bright enough to overcome darkness, to overcome…, all. And yes, I will join you in prayer for revival. What you have here…” She buried her face into his shoulder as she choked up.

He raised an eyebrow at her word, ‘honey’, but didn’t answer at first. Instead he reached out his long arm and pointed to where dozens of people thronged to the front to accept Christ. “See. Do ya feel it? Do ya feel the Spirit like I do?”

She stood still, held in his tight grasp, shaken by the fierceness of his Passion for His Spirit, feeling how real it was for him. Oh God. Forgive me of my doubt, my unbelief. I want to be where my Stephen is, to know and feel the Spirit like he does. Please God, can you pass your hand over this broken vessel and heal me with your Spirit?”

In a flash she felt Healing overcome her, pulling her away from the crowd noise. An angel in pure white cast his glow around her. He bent down to lift her to a place of higher understanding. “Do not fear. You have been chosen to help lead the Lord’ revival. Stand firm in the Lord, for He is the Lord of Lord and King of Kings.” The angel pointed to Stephen first, then turned and pointed to church leaders scattered across the lot, naming them as he went. “Beware, these will be attacked again, for the Glory of God! Other angels broke into chorus. “The Glory of God!” Then she turned to Stephen and collapsed into his shoulder, Peace and Calm Assurance filling her.

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