IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Sixty Eight

Ted stepped away from the chapel with new perspective on upcoming ministry. He hurried over to Rita. “Hey. How ‘bout a walk. Just you an’ I?”

Rita started to list off the things she needed to do but stopped when she looked into his eyes. “Oh, that. You mean like…, a walk an’ talk. You have that look ’gain.” She set down her papers and leaned into him as if it was the most natural thing for her to do.

He liked her lean but pulled away, absorbed in his thoughts. “Yeah, walk an’ talk too, I suppose. It’s something else buggin’ me. See? You know that I had my vision thing, and so did pastor. An’ both of us know that the water will come up this far.” He looked down as he placed both hands on his waist. “An’ I know that you know, but, um…” He stopped and looked out across the parking lot.

Rita picked up on his idea. “The world doesn’t know. Is that it?”

Ted waited for his idea to form. “Yeah. That’s it exactly. An’ it’s more than that too. It’s…, can’t seem to see it all. Something else will happen soon.” He shook his head as if it might help. I need to get away, with you an’ God…, to think.”

Rita popped out her answer as she snapped her fingers. “A ride. Remember, how we talked ’bout it last week. We ALL need a ride.” She emphasized the ‘all’.

Ted turned to her in answer as he looked past her shoulder, out into the blue shy. “Yeah, like a ride. Let’s get the guys and go.”

Rita found Tim and Ron. Both were more than ready to go.

Ted found Gordy tightening a nut on his bike. Gordy looked up as Ted approached. “You ready for our ride? Sure didn’t forget. Ummm, two days…, open road.” His grin was all Ted needed to see. “You seen Stephen, round?”

Gordy grinned back. “Sure. Seems like he found a new attraction with that cute news lady, if ya know what I mean. What’s ’er name? Isn’t it, like Connie, or Cally, nah, don’t remember. Anyway, I seen ‘em walkin’ ’way, in a hand in hand sort ’a way. I think you’ll find him wherever you find her.”

Ted smiled as he turned away, suddenly very conscious of Rita and how nice it was when she leaned into him. He walked directly to the news area and found Stephen helping separate cords. Only he wasn’t really moving his hands. He seemed to be staring at the pretty brunette speaking to him from her booth. Both looked up as Ted walked up.

Stephen, we’re all ’bout ready for our ride. You still in?” He spoke to Stephen but watched Carries face for the answer. He turned back to Stephen.

Stephen dropped his cords and stood up to stretch. “Hey man, you bet. A ride with the guys. Ummm, two days on the open road.”

Ted chuckled. “That’s just ’bout what Gordy said too. We’ll leave within the hour.” He turned to look back at Carrie but she’d ducked back into her booth.

Stephen kicked at the cords. “I’ll finish a few things here, then I’ll be down.”

Ted watched as Stephen nodded toward the booth. “Ain’t she somethin’? Seems like I can’t get away from the news profession. Wonder where that’ll lead?”

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