IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Sixty One

Stephen stood to the side and motioned to Carrie. She picked it up and pointed the cameraman to the waiting Chris. Stephen looked over the crowd to see Ted and Rita standing close, watching as Chris, the one with the demons, stood up for Christ.

Chris spoke right up, unashamed, for the Glory of God. “Many of you know what it’s like to be tossed by the forces of darkness. You know the anger, the fear, or for some of you like me, hatred toward God and people like these.” He reached his arms inclusively toward the crowd. “If you are, then listen to me.”

He paused and waited in dramatic fashion. “God is Light and in Him is no darkness. I declare this to the heavens and to the depths of hell. Come to His Light and He will set you free. I couldn’t do it on my own. Two brave Christians stood up to the darkness for me. They told darkness of the Blood of Jesus and how darkness had to leave – in Jesus Name – and darkness screamed out of me and threw me to the ground. You talk ‘bout hurt. Pain shredded me as they let go, leavin’ me cryin’ for Jesus to save me.” Then Chris stopped. Every head turned to listen.

Carrie fidgeted with her collar. Yes, yes, then what?

Chris leaned toward the mic and whispered the words. “Love lifted me.”

Stephen startled as the choir behind him quietly started the hymn, ‘Love lifted me’. Whoa, didn’t know they had that planned. Good for them.

Chris said it again as he pointed right at the camera. “Yes, all you who think there is no escape from darkness. Yes. There is escape and it’s in the Blood of Jesus. And yes, you – can – escape by His Name, the Blessed Name of Jesus.”

Chris bowed his head and walked off camera as the choir turned up the volume to finish the hymn.

Stephen turned to see little Sam walk toward the front holding the hand of a kind looking older man. She winked at Stephen as she walked by, not waiting for her cue. As soon as they passed by, Stephen jumped up to the side and motioned for Carrie to zoom in on Sam.

Carrie was anxious for this part. Her camera man knew her angst and was already on lead, zooming right onto the tossing braids.

The nation watched as the cute little girl led the portly old man to the front, hesitate, and stop. She tugged on the man’ sleeve so he bent down to her level. Totally unconscious that the world was waiting, she whispered in his ear. He smiled and nodded, then straightened up and waited for her to continue.

She turned to the front, looked at the crowd and boldly started. “When I was just a little girl, my mommy helped me to trust Jesus.”

She stopped to reach down and scratch her knee, then straightened up. “She said that wherever I went, Jesus was there to help me…, so, when the earthquake came and our house fell down like this – “

She reached arms out and smacked them together. “Then I called for Jesus to help me…, an’ He did. He sent a strong angel to hold up the wall so my mommy and daddy could pull me away. I watched him…, ‘cause…, he looked so beautiful, shining with Light…, I knew he’d been sent by Jesus. Then when I was safe in my daddy’ arms, the angel went away and the wall smashed down. That’s how I know Jesus helped me.

My daddy carried me all the way to this church, even though he was tired and afraid. I told him Jesus was here to help but my daddy didn’t see the angel.

Another day and a different angel came. He stood so bright it made the whole gym light up. He looked right at me and waved His Hand across all the boys and girls an’ just like that, we were Healed. See? My leg was crushed, and my arms were broken but not no more. See?”

She whirled around with a skip and then ran to the old man waiting there and gave him a hug too. “This is my doctor. I told him not to be afraid, ’cause Jesus would heal me. When that bright angel healed us, um…, then he healed the doctor too. Now it’s his turn.”

Without a second look, she twirled away to the right where a beaming mom and dad stood waiting for her.

The crowd’ eyes swung back to the doctor. “I’ve been a doctor for over forty years and haven’t seen anything like this. You see…”

He needed to stop and fish a handkerchief from his pocket and dab at his eyes. “You see, that little girl is a miracle. I sat by her cot and held her crushed arms, not knowing if she would live through the day, when a mighty surge of heat and life surged through her…, and into me. She was healed as I watched her limbs grow back out straight and warm, full of life, then I too, was struck by the angel and Healed. My failing kidneys and my heart murmur…, are gone. But there’s more. The energy I now have. It’s like I was twenty again. But…, that’s not it either.”

He fumbled a moment, seeking his words. “It’s so simple…, that a child can understand and lead this old fool of a man. Now I have Peace with God and Jesus in my heart.”

He stopped and looked around for the little girl. “That little girl has so much faith. She told me it was Jesus that Healed us, and then she led me to Christ. Yes, folks, now I too, believe in Jesus. Will you too?”

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