IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Fifty Three

Brodine hesitated before answering the flashing red signal. I know, I know. Nothing’s going right. My plans for a third attack have crumbled, as if some other force is tearing at the seams, spilling my plans as they arrive. I know what it is.

He turned to spit in disgust at the name but furtively looked first to see if a mighty angel stood by, ready with a final blow. Don’t understand it. Other generals around the globe are pressing ahead. The Grand Scheme is echoing around the world. Only here it’s thwarted on most fronts.

Reluctantly he swore again and pushed the red light. Instantly he threw the phone from his ear as it stung him, and tumbled to the floor. A trick! Screams of rage and fear from his guard held Brodine for a moment. Quick. Get up and prepare defense. The demon general in him leapt in response. The flurry of dark legions pressed around him as his hordes sprang up in defense. He followed the sounds of growing conflict toward growing Light. It’s the host of heaven, coming to take me out.

Brodine joined the fight, thrusting his battle sword toward the Light. Wild screams ahead of him motivated his senses just as cascades of black smoke blew back past him. Brodine felt his feet leave the ground as an overwhelming strength drew him up. Blinded by the Light, he felt his demon general whip back and forth in vain attempt to fight back. Then his breath whooshed out as he was body slammed to the ground.

He woke on the ground under the foot of the mightiest warrior he’d ever seen holding him to the hard surface. He couldn’t scream as the prompt stuck in his throat. Brodine felt blood rush to his temples in pounding wave as his life neared the end. Waves of warriors passed over, pushing back what remained of his defense until Brodine lay alone, trapped in the heavenly embrace. He choked and gagged in reflex as the foot lifted and he looked into the blinding Light of the huge warrior. “It is not your time to die. Let this be your warning. Turn to Jesus and live, for Salvation while there is time. The Lord Almighty. He is God.” Brodine heard the proclamation pass down the ranks of Light it seemed with no end. “The Lord’ Revival is started. You shall not prevail upon it.”

Brodine shook with fear. No, no. It’s too late. The ancient one is on the move.

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