IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Fifty One

Reggie Thornton couldn’t sit still or relax enough to sleep. Instead he paced the floor of his den wondering what he should do. What’s going on with me? I haven’t felt this kind of an awakening in my Spirit in…, how long? Must be His Spirit.

He turned from habit to spit and snarl like so many times over the years but stopped dead in his tracks as Calm Assurance passed over him, forcing him to sit before he fell over, suddenly weak in the knees. Something in the back of his mind, like a still small voice, prodded his thinking along until it erupted with sudden clarity. I can see it all, as if my mind is reading a scroll…, or sets of blueprints. Why, that’s just what it is, set after set of blueprints. What a bold plan. Hmmm, this is something only I can do. My newfound friends at the little white church on the bluff are sure to be surprised when I roll this baby out.

He glanced at his elaborate wall clock. Hmm, maybe too late for this evening. Come dawn, my lawyers and accountants will have a new priority and a busy set of deadlines to meet. He hesitated in his walk, feeling his old business form wanting to take over and the surge of his own doing. No, this is different, not for me, not for money or pride, this’ll be for Him. Lord, teach me, for I am weak.

Ralph stopped his walk along with Elise. He half skipped a step. “Ya feel it like I do? I feel better now than I have in years. I mean it. Every moment here at the church or this building, I feel as if His Spirit has His Arm around my shoulder, showing me each step, who to talk to next, what to say. And the energy, it’s incredible!”

Elise echoed his statement, her merry eyes twinkling as her new found Spirit woke up her own strength. “I’ll say. Look at the way you bounce around. Definitely not the same ol’ tired shuffle. Same for me. The energy and spiritual awareness is astonishing. It’s like when we felt Hearing we also received Awareness. This morning I felt the pull of His Spirit when I was with all those mothers and kids downstairs. It seemed like a powerful sense of Peace and Healing went with me as I talked to each one.” She hesitated, putting her hand up on his shoulder. “Just a minute. I’m getting something here.” She paused, reaching for His Spirit, a glow coming upon her features. “Yes, yes thank you Jesus.”

Diane lifted up her hands toward heaven as she joined in. “Yes, Elise. I see it happen as you do. It’s as if…, can’t really explain it. It’s like a curtain of darkness and frustration is being pulled away as we enter each new conversation. Praise God, this is so amazing.”

Elise trembled at her picture. “A little girl named Sam. Wonder what this’ll mean? I think we’re about to understand Healing in a whole new way. Praise His Name.”

Herb hesitated, the feeling in his heart coming through each word. “Truly we’re seeing the Hand of God bringing revival through us, just as we prayed these years, just as He promised in His Glorious vision. And yes, I too find it staggering even as I see it and feel it pouring through me. Truly with God all things are possible.”

Herb stopped then but held up his hand for the others to notice. “There‘s another matter. Do you feel it? The feeling of fighting against a cold press of darkness is gone. Something ’bout a shield of faith. You feel it too? Praise the Lord!”

Diane couldn’t hold back her thoughts. “Yes, yes, I feel it too. This morning was the change as Elise picked her way through the crowd below. It was if a Hand moved ahead of her. Those out in the multi-purpose building felt it about the same time.”

Gordy held back, not knowing if he could trust his tongue, but now the pieces fell together for him. “Yeah man, like it was this really smooth feelin’ spreadin’ out over the crowd. I was in the back, bringing in more water, when a hush fell over each person. Now I know, beyond all doubt…, that was the Spirit of the Living God, spreading His Healing Touch on those poor hurting people and that’s not all. Did ya hear ’bout it?

No? Well, I’ll tell ya. A mighty Healing took place at that instant. Torn knees and hands grew back together as if never crushed. An’ it was more than that, um, kinda hard to explain. It was in each person like. Before there was such deep sadness and sense of loss, but after the wave of the Hand of God, a new Spirit stood in each heart. A new sense of Power, and Love, and Sound Mind. Hmmm, wasn’t that the verse you shared earlier? Hmmm, funny thing ’bout that.”

For Gordy, it was quite a speech. He turned away and sat down, glowing at the thought of seeing the effect of the Hand of God, remembering as it fell over him, rebuilding his torn knee and repairing worn joints, dispensing a flood of youth and energy as never before.

Others raised their hands to Glory in reverence to what God was doing among them. Diane and Elise cried openly for Joy, as they felt the warm soothing touch melt away the ache in their hearts for the wounded around them.

Ted and Rita couldn’t mouth the depth of Passion they felt for what God was doing for the people and between them. They stood humbly before the Lord and the others, arms locked around the other in the grip of His Love.

Dr. Pettigrew sat by the cot of the same little girl he’d held earlier. Forty plus years of medical experience didn’t explain what’d happened. The poor little girl had both arms broken and her right leg severely bruised by a falling wall. How her mom and dad, both injured also, ever pulled her away in time and brought her to me is still a mystery, but look at this.

He looked again at his hands. These hands held the broken limbs as it happened. I felt a wave of overwhelming Peace pass over me and the little girl, then the most unbelievable… Her limbs grew warm again and straightened to the correct shape as she murmured her surprise. He looked up and over to see her skipping and playing with the other children.

He looked at his hands again. The touch… it blew through the little girl, right into me. The pain in my side, my failing kidneys, is gone. So is my heart murmur. He shook his head and clasped his strong hands together. And the energy! Where did it come from? I know, several have mentioned miracle. His lips struggled to from the word. I can’t…, no true medical explanation…, has to be a…

Finally he whispered the word as a tear dripped from his downturned face. “Yes, a miracle.” He sounded the word louder and louder as years of doubt and fear erased from him as he felt His Spirit again. Looking up he stated his belief loudly so all could hear. “Now I believe in Jesus, Jesus belongs to me. Not for the years of time alone, but for eternity. Thank you Jesus.”

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