IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Forty Seven

Rev. Cliff Knowlwood broke the silence with a sigh. “You know? I find people like them all around the district. Somewhere the vision is lost. At times like this it may be best to draw together in our hearts and minds to seek His Face. To rededicate ourselves to His Purpose. What do you think?”

One after another, prayers rose to Him. Tears mingled as ache for the lost lifted up, concern for those still in desperate need below and across the way, for Tent City, and finances for it all.

Reunited once again, the meeting got back on track. Herb started out with the story of Reggie Thornton. He finished with the envelope and check. “So you see. While those like Cora and Gladys have their concerns God is providing beyond what I could ever imagine.”

Elise clasped her hands together and squealed with relief. “I knew God would do something like this. My mom would’ve been thrilled. Don’t you see? This is what we talked about on Saturday.”

Cliff looked around the room at these dear Christian friends. “Like I said, I’m going to take the stories from this weekend along with a healthy dose of your enthusiasm and share them around the district. What a thrill it’ll be to see people get hold of His Spirit like you have here.”

Ted thought during the discussion, his mind miles away, and a light growing in his eyes. This is so exciting. I can feel the pull of His Spirit. This time I’ll handle it better.

Ralph expressed his view. “We need new Testaments, study guides, small discipleship groups, and good leaders to lead ’em.”

Herb responded with a smile and nod. “I received a call this morning ’bout that very thing. Someone saw our service and is sending 240 New Testaments and more again later. You’d be amazed. From the phones, all kinds of donations will be pouring in.”

Ted continued to think, putting his mental hands around an idea. Finally it spilled out of him. “I have a feelin’, just like I had Saturday night before the attacks. I think what happened so far this weekend is just the beginning. What if God is using this as training or test? I think we need to learn from this weekend. I…, I think…, that, I’m about to get ’nother vision.”

Each person in the room felt Calm Assurance settle over them as they received Hearing.

Elise clasped her arms tight together. “Yes, Lord, I feel your Spirit. Thank you Jesus.”

Ted paused suddenly and whirled away in his mind as Peace flooded over him. Sights and sounds from the room flew away as they were replaced by the same angel, reaching down to Ted. In this manner the others could hear as the angel spoke. “Do not be afraid. Great Calamity will strike this nation. Be prepared. God has begun His Revival. Know that the evil one desires to have you. Be on guard for soon his ways will become apparent to you. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Be assured little ones, for I AM with you.”

Ted paused as his vision dissipated back into the sanctuary and Ted realized he was shaking again. He paused, not knowing the glow in his face was apparent to all but him.

Rita rushed into his face. “Ted? Can you hear me? You’re shaking again but not as much. Are you okay?” Thank you Jesus for this vision and Hearing. Bless my Ted, Lord. Let him feel Love through me.

Ted shook his head no, barely able to mentally walk out of his daze and back to his friends. I’m learning to handle this better, see, not shaking so hard.

Finally Ted found his voice and waved his friends off. “Yes. Did you see him? My angel, this time as a mighty warrior for battle. He stood right here. Right in front of us, warning us of what’s comin’. Didn’t ya see ’im?”

Herb looked at Ted seriously. “Ted, what you had was another vision. This is so exciting. We all received Hearing just for this, so as the angel spoke to you, we all heard the message. You spoke in prophecy for what is coming, telling us to prepare. And prepare we shall. Remember those words everyone. ’Be assured little ones, for I AM with you. Didn’t think I would ever see or hear this, just like the prophets of old. Anyone have any more doubts as to our mission?”

Elise clapped her hands together and shouted in her high pitch. “Thank you Jesus! Imagine. An angel and vision right here among us.” She had to sit down into Ralph as her legs suddenly went weak. Ralph drew her closer in a grasp of His Love and Understanding because he couldn’t stand or speak either for what’d just happened.

Herb finally voiced a reply, his voice low and husky for the passion of the moment. “What Ted shared must be spread through us to the other members, to those helping here, in Tent City…, to all who would believe. God’ Time of Revival is upon us. Today is the Day of Salvation. Let nothing stand in our way. Amen!”

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