IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Forty Five

Ted hurried back inside quietly, knowing the others needed sleep. Lord, what’s this fascination for chaos? Lord help this country now for all hell is about to break loose. This isn’t a subtle thing. In a few moments the world will understand the loss of markets, then what? A time of chaos?

Ted quietly turned to the business news, standing at a slant from the screen to shield the others from the harsh glare of the screen. He grew sober as the wild ride became a steep downward spiral. What about those with 401K or home values? This is worse than I thought it would be…

He startled to see graphic pictures from the day before of a snarled mess downstream from the former Ravenna. What’s gonna take the place of the huge funnel of grain down the Mississippi? Wheat’s mostly done in the plains, but corn will be starting in the mid west.

Now in grim mood, Ted turned back to check stocks. This dump is far from a normal response in my book. Something or someone is behind this. When the feds find out who is trying to manipulate the market to this extent, then watch the fur fly. Wait a minute. This reminds me of something, but what? A systematic reduction in this nation’ ability to feed its own people…, hmmm.

Ted waited and watched with growing alarm, scanning for signs of market collapse. Outside the morning sun shed light on a shocked society. Inside Ted huddled closer to the screen, his half eaten breakfast on a side table. These are stable companies, some from my portfolio, being dragged down by whole system collapse. Sure now, I see a pattern developing. See there. As soon as a certain distribution chain flounders, then those parts of the stock market wither in rapid succession, like a well planned free fall. See, look, another collapse, this time in retail. Where will it end?

Ted watched it happen with growing despair. I guess what little I held to for security in this world is being ripped out from under me. Hmmm, along with half the country at least. But what is it? There seems to be a purpose to it all that escapes me. Like events are part of some grand scheme to terrorize the world, each piece coming into play at precisely the right, or wrong time, like a great orchestration of world players… Nah…, I’m going just as nuts as those people on Wall Street.

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