IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Forty One

One thing about this ol’ man river; given enough time, the weight and volume of water could do enormous damage. After two full days tearing at the foundations of the sunken city, the land was giving away. Built on river silt and gravel, the land disintegrated rapidly. Each hour registered another old wall disintegrate with the hopes and dreams of the owners with it.

Teams of rail engineers flew in to study the east side track. These dual lines carried tons of precious grain to hungry markets. They found too much damage for immediate use. Expensive track repair flew to the top of the priority list.

The burning gas line west of Stinkytown, a highlight for the news teams, burnt out, leaving a charred crater. The petroleum leak was gone too, flushed clean, equipment, berm, all gone.

Carrie led her news team through each sad observation. I need to build story for the screaming markets to absorb now that I’m the official face of this disaster. I need to command all my abilities to capture each moment of tragedy with as much grace and dignity for what was lost. It’ll mean a huge audience. I can do this…, before the Lord.

She pulled back from the team as her steps slowed with her thought. All this trauma drawn out by my news and yet, this isn’t the real story. The real story to me is unfolding as each person has to deal with his or her quick turn of events and how they’ve responded. Kind of like these people…, and me…, turning to Christ as the answer, and yet many haven’t made that choice.

Away from the cameras, she dove in helping in the multi-purpose building, helping the same way she was helped the previous day. In her heart she now knew His Peace, so on her face, a radiant beam of happiness reached out to the hurting. She watched for Stephen to return. I need to talk to him. Something about his gentle spirit, his confidence, hmmm, maybe it’s more than that?

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