IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Thirty Seven

Brodine stayed glued to his screen as graphic images from what was left of Ravenna scrolled across his view. He rubbed hands together in glee. “Yeah, that’s it, that’s it. Destroy and rampage as far as you can. He felt a call from legions straining to be let loose. “Yes my legions. Go! Follow the lead of those below, kill, maim, and destroy. Cause as much damage as you can for this will push the region and nation closer to my goal – a time of chaos!”

Another camera picked up the story from downstream. One crew flew down closer to focus on a debris jam in the river. The collection of oil soaked trees, rooftops, and other floating debris piled up in layers, threatening to the send the river contaminants spilling into the countryside.

Clusters of mini quakes continued from the former Stinkytown area, sending more mud into the equation. One team of geologists contacted by the network thought this might be a big one time event. Others thought this might trigger a long lasting series of adjustments throughout the New Madrid system. For now they declared, the nation was safe. They were wrong. God’ answer to the prayers of the little white church on the bluff was just getting started.

Ted turned on the long sofa reaching for protection not there. He sat up in apprehension. He felt stirring deep in his spirit as he looked around the quiet surroundings to see it all blow outward as if he could feel and hear the blasts but be aside from it all. What is this Lord? What’s happening to us? First, the attack on Rita and I, then the terrorists and van of thugs. What does it all mean?

He half fell, half stooped to find his knees on the floor before the Lord. What we’ve seen so far is you Lord, that I acknowledge before your throne. Heavenly hosts surround us in full battle gear as if we face legions of enemy. This knowledge is too great for me Lord. Help my unbelief! May you find us ready and able to follow whether we have storm or peace for you know our way. You give Calm Assurance in the face of that which is too grotesque to mention, too dark to comprehend, and yet…, you are here. Thank you Jesus for Peace and sweet rest.

Ted nodded as if a window closed around him. He fumbled back onto the sofa as Peace and Rest hovered over him, dipping to touch him by command. Ted smiled as he curled back into deep sleep. Real angels hovering…, hovering around me…, such Peace and Rest…, can’t explain…

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