IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Thirty Five

A new couple in church answered the calls. Bill and Jean McPherson moved up river from New Orleans seeking a smaller river community in which to retire. His experience in consumer electronics gave him insight for the volume of calls to come. He looked over at his wife Jean, gray strands of experience showing through her blonde hair. “Come on Jean. It looks like this is the part for us to handle. I don’t think anyone here knows what sort of national audience they just stirred up.”

Jean looked back at the energy coming from her normally placid Bill. “But I thought you moved up here to escape the stress of big business, and now…, you want to jump back in?”

Bill knew she was spot on. Yeah, she’s right as always, but this is different. It’s not business for me. It’ll be fun, more for the Lord than anything I’ve ever done. Besides, I hate to admit it, but I’m really bored. “You know, you’re right, but think of this. Maybe our comin’ here was just for this reason, you know, to set up this church for a work on more of a grander scale than any of us could imagine.”

He picked up her hands into his and looked deep into her pretty eyes. “Please, let’s do a job here together…, for the Lord. I know what to do and these good folks, well, I think the entire nation is going to overwhelm them starting right now. How ’bout it? Are ya with me?”

Jean saw the tiger within the man she loved. The same tiger she’d fallen for 42 years ago. “You know what? Comin’ to the little white church on the bluff is good for us, you know, like us as a couple. I feel closer to you now than in years. So yes, let’s jump on our little project and get it done right. I know what you’re thinkin’. You want to rewire the chapel or part of the multi-purpose building into a communication center with phone banks, computer equipment, and the like. Am I right or what?”

Bill grabbed her in a tight hug, lifting her off her feet, and swung her around and around in a jubilant display of being together for once on the same project. “Yes you’re right and you’re thinkin’ way ahead of me already.” Setting her down he didn’t let her go. Instead he planted a big kiss on her upturned face. “Thanks honey.”

Jean nodded back and gave him a return hug as her mind reeled with the possibilities. “You think we have enough line and equipment in all that stuff you have in the garage?”

Bill smiled as he let her go. “Yup, more than enough. In fact, hmmm, we might be able to…”

Jean cut him off with a quick flash of her smile. “We need to set up a budget, as in, don’t spend all our money on this one project already.” Then a sober thought slid the smile off her face. “Hold on. Somehow I don’t think money will be a problem. Hmmm, I don’t know how or why but God has a surprise for us all.”

Bill gave her a mock salute. “Ah, another female intuition coming on line in a…,” whoa there, she has that look ’bout her. Praise God for that look. It means that God’s ’bout to do some grand thing. Wonder what it’ll be this time? His sudden serious look matched hers. “Ok dear. I think you’re right on ’bout God doing something here. I mean just look at the past 24 hours and wow…, now this is change in a big way.”
Jean reached her arm over and grasped Bill as she shook her head. “No, no, it’s more than that. What we’re seein’ is only the beginning of what God is plannin’. I’m sure of it. See how all the pieces fit together here. What if this is, I don’t know, like just a practice round for somethin’ much bigger.”

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