IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Twenty Seven

Ted knew what he needed to do and what it would take to stop an attack. All those kids and people hurting so bad in tents or just in an open field. Thanks to the angel I know how God is going to step in and protect. But why? What will this lead to?

Listen guys. Tonight will be a confrontation between powers far higher than you or I. Think back for a moment. Each one of us came here, found the Lord and became part of this fellowship. We learned that accepting Christ isn’t an end but a beginning. It brings us to this point. God’s going to use us to thwart an awful plan, not for us, but for the lives of those helpless in the church basement, or auditorium, and multi-purpose building. Do you see it? It’s part of a bigger plan. Don’t know yet, but from what Rita saw in her vision, I mean, wow, people need the Lord, and he’s usin’ us to accomplish that. Now do you see why Rita an’ I are so excited ‘bout this, an’ a bit scared too? I’ll admit to that.”

Rita closed her eyes and placed herself back with the angel, feeling the rush of the spirit. Then she looked at her guys, over the road buddies for years. “It’s way more than that too. I think we’re going to surprise a few officers before morning and it’ll be the start of an awesome plan of redemption for this country.”

Ted’ face masked over into serious thought. “One more thing guys. I almost forgot.” Ted had his intense look in his eyes. After riding together those years and being drawn here. Maybe this is why? Maybe we’ve found our home an’ have a chance to give back, to help in a troubled time.”

Nods went around the circle.

Rita burst out. “Oh God, you know more than we do about what’s going on tonight. We ask for your protection. Be our eyes and ears tonight. Protect these people, Lord, that they may know your Love, Amen.”

Amen followed around the circle of friends.

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