IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Twenty

Rita grabbed Ted’ shoulder and looked full into his face. “Now I know what you must’ve felt. It’s too grand for words. She waved one arm toward the guys as she struggled with her limited ability to describe that from above. “Such a Presence of Peace and Contentment in the Spirit. Oh my.” Tears ran down her cheeks. “Oh my.”

Ted and Herb prayed silent blessings for her. Ted moved over until he sat next to her, gently holding his arm around her, waiting for her moment to pass, remembering with shocking clarity his own moment after his visions.

Neither noticed Herb leave until he returned with a fresh towel and some water. Neither noticed the raised eyebrow and strange look Herb gave the two of them huddled together so close. “Here, thought you might want to freshen up a bit. I know Diane would.”

Rita could only nod, not trusting her voice. She took the offered towel and water. “Oh my, what you must think of me?”

Ted tightened his grip around her in answer. “Hey, you’re not alone with this feelin’. We’ve both been there. It’s okay. I was so overcome by what my senses were doing that I guess it was too much for me too. Herb too. The cool thing is that God is doing something special here, right here in front of us.”

Rita straightened up at that with a renewed smile, wiping her bleary eyes and face with the wet towel. “I’m never gonna forget this moment. Imagine, being in the presence of His messenger? So beyond.”

Ted Smiled and nodded. “Yeah, way beyond.”

Rita found her voice and manner. “I think I’m better now. Let’s get back to the parking lot.”

Nodding in understanding, Ted helped Rita to her not too steady feet. “Sure you’re okay?”

Rita answered by smoothing down her blouse and tucking in a stray corner. “Yup, I’m back with the living. Gotta be tough for what God showed me is comin’. You ain’t gonna believe it!”

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