IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter Last

Ralph boomed out his excitement, his voice ringing in the tiny chapel. “It’s so smart. Absolutely brilliant. Oh and the countries, yes, they’ll fall for it.”

Rasheem nodded politely. “Yes, this is so. Chaos. Set up in perfect timing – for such a time as this.”

Pastor Herb shook his head and leaned forward as his chair groaned. “Still have a hard time believing that they’ve managed to keep it under wraps…, so far.”

Rasheem reached his arm over to get Herb’s attention. “Please, you must believe. It is death to anyone who would speak of such things. Such is the power of the great one. Do not underestimate his power to deceive, and destroy.”

Silence settled over the chapel until Rasheem explained. “You have power here that darkness cannot overcome. I saw it from far off, and yet here we speak in a small room within an armed camp. See what I mean? Outside of FEZ, it would be death. Inside it is a new way of life that they bow to as darkness surrounds them. No, that is not correct. There, the darkness does not surround them. I must think of a word for you.”

Ted shuffled his feet, then got up to look to the west but shook his head. “Nothin’ yet. Cold and hot blast together. Still has me stumped but not as much as what you’re telling us Rasheem. And yet, I feel called to move from this room, to what…, to, to join Him on the bluff. Any of you feel it?”

They waited as Ted fidgeted, waiting for Rasheem deal with his limited English. “It is…, how would you say, as one, yes, as one. Darkness pours from the great one and in and through the people so they and darkness are one. So you see, no one from inside FEZ would think of reaching out to us as warning, because to them, this FEZ is a wonderful thing.”

Ralph shook his head. “Don’t that beat all. An’ here we sit with limited food, limited fuel, probably rationing this winter, an’ who knows what after this storm.”

Ted placed his hands over the sides of his head. “No, no, don’t you feel Him call? It’s a change for all, for you see, the people wouldn’t stop strivin’ without God, so this storm is more than we think. This is a storm that will change us forever…, for it is time.”

Rasheem stood at his note. “Yes, my brother. What you said, I’m afraid is quite true…, for it is time. And yes I feel it now too, an urge to join Him…”

Looks passed around the tiny chapel as each filed out, drawn away to the bluff…

Sam’s angel hovered over the bluff, facing the church, spreading his wings in radiance. “Come, all you that thirst for Him, and He will give you drink, that you never thirst again. Come now…, for it is time.”

Ted gathered Rita to his side as she answered the call. Together they stood facing the west, the unknown, content in His Calling…

Pastor Herb and Diane stood by them in answer to His Call

Stephen and Carrie shuffled up from the side, answering His Call.

Ralph put his arms around petite Elise next to Herb and Diane, answering His Call.

One by one, some together, until the bluff crowded with those who stood firm for Jesus, who answered His Call.

None spoke, waiting for His Word…

Ted lifted his hands on high, not knowing he faced the angel face to face as His Healing spread through Ted, first to Rita, then another and another until all bathed in His Love.

Ted lifted voice to God. “We, who you have Called are ready… Bring on the darkness.”

Rita and Ted stopped by my office the other day, as I was finishing the final chapter. Rita hesitated behind Ted, twisting her lip like she does, but spoke up when I pushed the keyboard away and looked up at first him and then her. “The bunch of us got together in prayer for this book, but… It’s more than that.” She stepped up right next to my printer and looked me right in the eye. “What about our readers? How’re they going to know about Jesus? You know, like when we had our service right there in the open parking lot and so many people came to know Jesus, and even more through our TV broadcast and on-line?”

I nodded and pointed to the book. “It’s in there, by what you said and the examples you gave.”

Ted shuffled a bit like he does. “How ’bout one last opportunity before we all have to get ready for book two?” Rita looked behind her and waved to someone outside my little office. “Most of us are here. We want to help, just like we did in the book.”

The doorway seemed to bulge a bit as the whole gang of prominent characters managed to squeeze in, all excited and wanting to share.

Diane looked around and nodded. “Just what we expected. You have your Bible right next to your computer. Look guys. One of our T-shirts right here on the wall.”

I pointed up at it with a smile. “Yup. Helps keep me focused. Sort of why you’re all here, I suppose.”

Pastor Herb nodded. “Thought so. That’s what I’d do if I ever wrote. How about if we start with John 3: 16, just like we did in the parking lot services? Would you like me to read it?”

Well I’m telling ya, this ol’ author started to tear a bit to know that these characters thought so tenderly of you, the reader, that they wanted to make sure you knew about Jesus so I nodded for Pastor Herb to start.

I noticed that there were more than a few tears of joy and prayer around the room as he started. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.

Dave leaned out from the crowded room. “I got the next one because it was me when this story started. Romans 3: 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

Mary, who sang so sweetly during those same outdoor services nodded. “That was my line in the book too and it was me, so lost in my sin before I found Jesus. Just like the next one, right? Romans 6: 23? For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Gordy surprised us next because he rarely said a line. “Hey man, that was all of us bikers before God brought us to the little country church. We were on the wrong road, going the wrong way.”

Elise, in her high petite voice chimed in. That’s where we all were, but it isn’t about us, is it? It’s about the free gift of God for all who believe.”

Ralph boomed up in his loud voice. “And about what He did for us when we were still sinners in Romans 5: 8. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Carrie, the TV host, sniffed a bit as she remembered her role and lines. “That was the hard part for me to understand, you know, because I was so wretched inside and yet, there it was. Christ died for me. I had to step forward with that tiny step of faith, like in Acts 16: 31. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.

Stephen put his big arms around her in affirmation. “It’s what we all had to do. Believe in Jesus and you will be saved.”

Rita sniffed a bit too. It’s part of the turning from sin and into Jesus. It took me a bit to see it too. I had to turn away from my old ways of sin, that’s it, actually turn around with Jesus and go in His direction. That’s real repentance.”

The entire gang sort of waited then, out of respect for you, the reader, and for Ted from the story. Rita sort of pushed him ahead a step. “This is your part Ted. You lead them in the sinners prayer.”

Ted didn’t hesitate as he could tell that many of you wanted to take the walk with Jesus. “Why don’t you pray after me and we’ll walk with Jesus together. “Dear Jesus, I know now that I’m a sinner.”

“I understand that I’m going the wrong way in life, on the road that leads to eternal death.”

“Forgive me Jesus. I’m so sorry for my sin. Please forgive me.”

“Come into my life and help me walk with you for the rest of my life and into eternity, amen.”

I don’t think there’s a dry eye here, because, like Jesus, we care a whole lot about you.

Rita added. “Make sure they all know that accepting Jesus isn’t the end, but the beginning.”

Carrie spoke up again. “Yes. That’s it exactly, Rita. Now they should find a good discipleship group, like the ones we’ve started here. The Spirit of God knows and can help you with discernment and to find a good fellowship.”

Go ahead now, find a Bible and read it every day. Find a good, Bible believing church and follow Jesus every step of every day. We’ll be prayin’ for ya.

Stay tuned for the next book, book two of – The Little White Church On The Bluff Series. Find out how Ted and Rita, along with the others find, themselves taking on the darkness at each new town that they enter, fighting through nine foot tall drifts of snow and ash, not just bringing life giving support, but His Word. The people believe, for it is time to believe, indeed it is the Day of Salvation, but not too soon for those forces hard at work bringing chaos to a darkened world to accomplish hideous work. FEZ moves from clandestine operations to open play, forcing the world to make tough choices. What will it be…, bow to the great one who promises relief for the people, or stand alone without…, without any of the basic necessitates of society? What is your choice?

Before I forget, Dave and Chris pointed to the T-shirt above my desk on the way out. I know guys. You see, as a way to remember the story and remember their new faith in Jesus, many of our new believers want to know how they can get a T-shirt just like mine and the entire gang wear during the story. Here is the order form, so you can buy one for yourself, or better yet, buy one for a friend along with another copy of this book. Our message is the same. “Simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

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