IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six

Randy agreed with Rasheem. “Yeah and no time to lose. You think this might be it?”

Ted looked from one to the other. “Time for what? The big storm?”

Rasheem nodded. “Yes, that too, the cold and hot blast…, but no, more than that. Come my new friend, away from all this…, this wonderful business, for they know not for what they gather. It is time, yes?”

Pastor Herb and Pastor Rondeau followed the men into the small chapel. “So what can you share?”

Randy looked at Rasheem and smiled as he raised his arms in worship. “Chaos.”

Rasheem lifted his hands too. Thank you Almighty God, for allowing this meeting in your Name. You see, my friends, this meeting is by no accident, for I have seen these things…, too many things, as I waited for…, this time.”

Pastor Rondeau blinked at the suggestion. “Ah yes, it is time, but it’s more than that, right son? Go ahead, nice and slow now…, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

Rasheem waited as perspiration broke out on his face. “What I have seen…, is of the Lord.” He stopped then and mouthed quiet words up to heaven. “Yes Lord, Amen. What is this time of which you ask? Listen now my friends, for the Lord will reveal all in due time, of that I am sure. For now it is just the dawn. What will happen through this storm is set up the world for a time…, I can bear this no more…”

Randy stepped up. “Yes, the world, and all that we hold dear, all those that are yet lost to darkness…, will fall for a time of chaos. It is for this that the time is coming…, and then the great one will appear, not for you or I, my friends, but as a false savior to the world.”

Rasheem looked through his tears. “Yes, that is correct. Like an insect emerging to the world at just the right time, he will take his fight to the nations and they will fall under his spell, not as in the old days of eternal debate, but eagerly they will throw in with him, until they find out that FEZ is a trap. Then…, when trap is sprung, um, how do you say…, it is too late?”

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