IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five

Ramona fought past her fibro pain, trying to keep pace with Randy. “Yes, I agree. A sign of last days. One world ruler, world events out of control. How could FEZ spring up so fast?”

Randy shook his head as he grimaced at her question. His mind reeled back to the two days with Rasheem, his old friend from Syria. Rasheem, my dear friend. Where are you now? What you went through to find the truth, and now they have you on the run. Now we have refuge…, if you can reach here safely. No, I can’t feel that way. Not after what Ted described and the power of prayer.

Randy startled to Ramona shaking his shoulder. “Randy, what is it? You kind of left me for a moment, and you looked scared, like real scared of what you were seeing.”

“It is a he and yes I’m plenty scared and you should be too.”

Ramona took an alarmed step back against the wall. Dirty plates clattered to the floor. She clasped her hands to her face in dread. Randy gave her a sharp look. No more bad news. Shouldn’t have scared her…

He jumped up to catch her fall and steadied her by the counter. “Hey, I’ll quit the grim reaper stuff for a bit. Here, you sit here while I start some dishes. I don’t think it’ll take too much to clean this up. Can you manage to sort out the laundry if I bring it over to you? Whew. I need time to think this through. If what she says is true, then the great one tried to step up his timetable – big time, only to withdraw it just as fast. Is the world ready? Probably not. Still, I need to find out what she learned from Jeff and Stone before I go.

He shifted the pile of laundry over to her, reflexing against the odor by turning his head away.

She nodded at his discomfort. “I know, pretty bad, huh. Sorry. It’s been all I could do to just get daily life done and…” She looked back into his sad eyes. “I’m sorry. It hurts you to see me like this doesn’t it? I wished I could do more, but some days…” Tears stopped her short as she buried her face in a dirty towel.

Randy turned away to mask his embarrassment. Pictures of a hot summer day on the lake with her and Jeff and Stone flew through his mind. That was a lot of summers ago. Now to see Ramona like this is tough. Wonder if the boys know she’s having this tough of time. Guess I need to do some behind the scenes checking up on old friends.

Ramona looked up from her towel and threw it away from her in anger and disgust. “Thanks for understanding, but I need to be a big girl here and take better care. And I need to know more about FEZ. Seriously, I can take it.” She squared back her shoulders and tore into the laundry as if it was the cause of her troubles. “What were you saying about FEZ and last times?”

Randy hesitated. What I know will scare her more. It scares me into stayin’ up late nights wonderin’ ’bout the what ifs. He turned from dishes to look her in the eyes.

She glared back at him and stuck out her tongue, just like the tomboy of old did so often. “Go ahead, or I’ll make you vacuum and take out the garbage too.”

Her answer made him realize how potent his anger against those weakling governments. “What will those caved in governments be called by history? It’s the last great preplanned conspiracy to take over the world. This time it won’t be regionalized like the past. No, this will be a well coordinated world assault. That first attempt, though now pulled back, was Warning to the worlds Christians and Jews. Wonder if any picked it up, you know, considered or even was aware of his hidden agenda?”

Her blank stare and question caught him off guard. “How can they if it’s hidden?”

Randy chuckled. “To me, and a few others, it’s an ominous sign. Under the great one, all of FEZ will be designed to…, to take them, meaning you and me, out! Get it?”

Ramona flared her eyes but forced out toughness at his news. “Really? Do you see that in FEZ? How soon?”

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