IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four

Rita followed Ted down to their favorite place on the bluff. She curled up next up him knowing his need for quiet and respecting his insight. She relaxed as her mind back to a babbling spring, her sitting on her boulder and Ted looking into her eyes. She smiled sitting next to him as she remembered his words. You’re not just gorgeous, you’re enticing… She felt him stir as he usually did after long thought and she came back to the moment.

He placed his hand over hers and placed them both near to his heart. “You don’t know, do you, the depth of my love? How I watch you, every breath you take, knowing the treasure I hold.”

Rita untwisted from her cramped seat, leaning over until her breath was close to his, wanting him to never stop telling of his love for her. She looked up into the dark depth of his eyes, seeing his love and nodded, catching her reaction with a sniffle before it fell. “And you, I watch you, knowing of the struggle. I’m bound to you, not only in love, but our spirits seem to be meshed. When you find vision, His Spirit leads me to understand and sometimes to know so that I might help lead with you.” She twisted around to find another tear falling as he still held her hand next to his heart.”

His eyes held her tongue still. “No, my love. It’s more than that. For in you I find refuge and unconditional love, whether it’s simply helping me understand vision, which you plainly are able to do, thank God, but far more than that, you are lovely while you do it. See what I mean? My love for you and you for me, it’s of God to be sure, but more than that, you already are my helpmate in this great battle for which we stand at the door.”

He picked up her hand and held it to his cheek, feeling her soft touch. “It is for you I fear. You’ve taken blows meant for me, taken my pain for yourself. And now, the most hideous darkness is heading straight for us, so…, I fear for you, my love.”

Rita closed her eyes at his touch, feeling his words hold her in warmth. “I know of your fear for me because I fear for you. This coming battle places you at the point. Do you think that I don’t willingly stand by your side? That I care not, exhausting as it may be, I care not, for my love for you…”

As she looked again she noticed a flair of pink come over his face, changing to full flush. “You’re going again. To see vision as God has for you. Know this as you go. My love for you grows stronger each day. No matter what darkness brings, as long as God allows me, I will stand with you and for you…”

She gathered him into her arms, aware of a growing presence around them, then she too, flew away, feeling a higher understanding take over her senses until she stood on high place. She looked as a glowing angel reached down to her. “Do not be afraid. Your faith and devotion are known. See now what is chosen for you. Stand firm in the Lord.”

Rita looked past the horizon, knowing it as a growing pool of darkness covering part of the earth. The angel dipped his hand in water and covered her eyes. “Look again for you must know of these things as Warning so that man will know it is not the hand of man for saving, but the Hand of God. Rita looked again, able to pierce through the swirling darkness, down to an open balcony, seeing a powerfully built man roam nervously back and forth bidding the darkness to his will.

As she blinked she found herself back against Ted on their special place on the bluff. He stirred and picked up her hand again. “Now you know.”

She gasped as her understanding filled with Calm Assurance and incredible Peace. “I should be afraid, but I’m not. Now I know that Rasheem will make it. We’ll all make it…, not of man should we boast, but by the Hand of God.”

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