IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four

As soon as Randy cleared his schedule he headed north to upstate New York. Something’s wrong with Ramona, the way she limped away at the airport. Wonder if her fibro is worse? I gotta find out if she’s heard anything more about the proposed U.N. meeting? Maybe she’s heard from Jeff or Stone? His glance back in the mirror reflected his business face, clouded with concern. “They must be crazy to meet for this, with his demand on the table! Don’t they know what this could mean for the world? Doesn’t anyone read the Bible anymore?”

Randy pulled off at Ramona’s exit. Thank you Lord for a Christian friend as shocked by this as I am. Hmmm, I wonder if she’ll be up to the trip back to the Little White Church on the Bluff? Nah, after working at the U.N., knowing what goes on behind the scenes, she’ll be bustin’ to go.

Randy pulled up at the apartment complex and looked around. Nat a bad place at all. Added more secure parking and multiple courts since my last visit.

He knew the answer to his initial question as soon as Ramona answered her door. Her recurrent fibro pain screamed from her shuffled walk and narrowed gaze.

Ramona shook her head while trying to put up a brave front but refused to look him in the eye. “No travelin’ for me. Kind of a tough one for me today.”

Randy shook his head as he looked around. Nope, this is worse than I expected. Need to change gears here. He stole a glance past her shoulder to see counters of dirty dishes and an overflowing laundry hamper in the hallway. Just like this summer, except then she could open windows for some fresh air. This is a tough one. “You know what? I have all day. Why don’t I give you a hand like I did this summer while we talk about the U.N. proposal. Did you hear from Jeff or Stone?”

Ramona brightened at his suggestion. “You mean that? You’d take time to help me?”

Randy stopped his thoughts of the U.N. proposal to look fully into her pain drawn face. “Look Ramona, you can be real with me. I can see your pain and well, I’ve helped here before you know. I know where things go, sort of, that is unless you mind having a man help in the kitchen.”

Ramona stared back at him, then down and away as she dropped her shoulders in resign. “No, don’t mind a bit. Big change in me, huh? Your right. After the visit with Ted and Pastor Herb and that whole bunch, I can see a new side to things. Weren’t they something? I’ve never seen a man so full of the spirit like Ted. Think of it? To have vision like that, right in front of us. I mean like is that cool or what. I’ll never forget the look on his face or the fire in his eyes…”

Randy looked to see a flash of the old Ramona, then her shoulders drooped back down as she continued. “I know I can trust you, mostly from what God showed me there. She paused then, seeing the question in his eye. “Oh yes, I’ve talked to Jeff and Stone twice this morning. Don’t understand it though. Big changes according to them. The big push for an emergency meeting at the U.N. suddenly dropped. Makes no sense to them. World leaders are still calling louder and louder for a realignment of power and something else. Those letters, FEZ. What’s that all about? Is that what you were referring to back there?”

Randy stacked dishes in thought. Ramona raised her tempo of question. “Is that the great leader who’s working behind the scenes to create chaos ’round the world? Sounds big. Like in big ’nough to challenge the status quo in the Middle East, down through Southeast Asia, into Africa, and into Southern Europe. And this is the first we’ve heard about it? You know, I remember a map at church a few Sundays ago. It had the countries in the world outlined where the persecuted church suffered. Sounds like the same area.”

Randy felt cold chill race down his spine as Ramona mentioned FEZ. He clicked the name out as if he were spitting out a sour taste. “Ah yes, the infamous Free Economic Zone, which is neither free nor economic, but will appear grand to world leaders…, on the surface. Watch out though. All it will take is some huge catastrophic event to turn that which is started to his favor, making what is starting as whispers in dark hallways into a world shout for the great one…, no, I ain’t going there, not today…”
Ramona raised her eyebrow at his revelation. “Oh, so you’ve heard of the new alliances? Are you afraid as I am?”

Randy looked up at the quiver in her voice to see the fear in her eyes. “Fear? Maybe not real fear, but certainly disgust maybe, or a dislike for the way the world is snapping this up. It’s a sign you know.”

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