IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three

Pastor Herb looked around the crowded chapel taking mental notes. No looks of fear. No dejected, downcast eyes. Even though Ted laid it out, not even a flinch of hesitation. Oh Lord, thank you for Direction. May our strength be in you. Please Lord, if it’s your will, take this message to our supporting churches, so that a well spring of prayer will rise up – for it is time…

“Oh Lord, you know our need, to stand before this evil presence, to take what we’ve learned of you and reach out beyond in faith. Not just us Lord, but the prayer of the faithful, like a small stream here and there, joining together to become rivers of faith, hope, and love, covering this land for the Lord…, for revival.”

Others took up the word as it whirled around the room like a fever. For revival, for revival, for revival, until it echoed away, leaving the group panting for another Word.

Diane raised her hands in worship. Lord, I’m thinkin’ of the song that Mary sings so well. How out on the highways and byways of life, many are weary and sad. It is for these people that we plead, Lord. Help me…, help all of us, to carry the sunshine where darkness is rife, making the sorrowing glad.”

Pastor Rondeau smiled at her words. “How beautifully appropriate. Haven’t heard that song in years. How wonderfully appropriate.” He hummed a little. “Make me a blessing, oh, make me a blessing…”

Elise took over in her light high voice. “Out of my life may Jesus shine. Make me a blessing, oh Savior I pray. Make me a blessing, to someone today.”

No one could speak as her last notes hung meaning in the air.

Herb waited and watched as the Spirit dealt with each person. He nodded as he finally found his clear voice. “So this is it. We’ll gather our troops for battle. We’ll get Gordy and the boys back, maybe those busloads too. I imagine you folks will have things to settle back in Carolina?”

Pastor spoke up with fervent tempo. “You kiddin’ me? I wouldn’t miss this for anythin’. How ‘bout ya’ll? Sure, some arrangin’, but look fellas, this is battle for the Lord, maybe for the life of this nation. Count me in.”

Randy stood thoughtful, looking down at a ragged scratch on the old hardwood floor. “Yeah, count me in, and Rasheem too. How shall I say this? When Rasheem does show up…, it will be with a thundering herd of darkness pressing hard ’gainst him, not wanting that he should be here.” He smiled at the thought. “This will be so cool. I think it’s time, high time at that, for the edge of darkness pursuing Rasheem to meet up with your shield of faith. Yes, now I’m sure of it. Won’t that be something to see? For you see, Rasheem hasn’t known one safe day since he escaped from the hand of the great one. I think he’s due, but more than that, what he knows and can share about FEZ and the grand scheme…, it will help you more than you know.”

He stood a moment then, following the same ragged scratch across the floor. Together before the Lord, we will make our stand.”

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