IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two

Brodine felt his power diminish so rapidly that he let out a cry as the last of his dark legions melted away before the Light. The Light…, so bright…, can’t seem to be…, able to think, or gather…, my forces.

He fell on the rough pavement of the parking lot, letting his ponderous weight spread out under him. He moaned as he covered his eyes against bright glare. “No no, so bright. Can’t see to defend. Can’t see my defenses…”


High above the Atlantic Ocean advancing legions of darkness, like the immense rolls of an advancing hurricane sourcing out from the great one suddenly curled back before bright light. The great one looked up in alarm. “What’s this? My legions returning to me? Is this not our time?” He strutted to his balcony and scanned the horizon to the west, then shrank back in fear as his knees went weak before the light. Foolish Brodine. Our time is not yet come. He ducked down behind gathering darkness, suddenly as aware as Brodine of the magnificent Light.


High above the autumn storm in Canada, the quiet angel witnessed the Light flash out against the darkness. The sign. It is time for storm to move. Indeed it is time for man to cease from striving without God. He spoke authority to the storm. “Come together for His purpose. It is time to unite with Livid Furnace to become Calamity for all mankind.” Another deep breath of energy, then another and another, pumping up Calamity, gaining momentum for the big push.

Calamity gathered its’ outer layers, like a lady in full skirt might pick up her edges before taking step, then with full weight the storm marched across the mountains toward the goal…, right on time…


Jolene Bachstrom suddenly sat up straight as her instruments chattered story. She dropped a new layer of documentation into her drawer and leaned ahead, her eyes widened in fear. “Listen up people. That’s the third sharp jolt in as many minutes. Whatever is coming just woke up. Is it time? How will we know?

Her assistant nervously handed her a report. “This probably isn’t great timing but look at this.”

Jolene half rose in her chair as she read. She shook her head and handed it back. “Don’t put too much stock in this. It’s only October, way too early for a harsh winter storm, even up here.” She sat back down, drumming her fingers on the desktop. Wonder, hmmm, how will we know?


Ted looked back across the tiny chapel at Ramona. “I’d have to say yes. I don’t know if it was Jesus, but it certainly was the brightest light I could ever see…, or imagine. And Herb, you’re right on man. Our phrase, so simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God, yeah, um, well that phrase seems to carry some significance. Like, so beyond.”

Randy leaned forward as earnest look cast over him. “That man, Rasheem. Do you really think he’ll be safe here, rather than on the run?”

Ted got up, still woozy, and walked over to the small chapel window giving himself time to think. Turning back he looked straight into Randy’ serious features. “You ask me question that is for God to answer. But this one thing I know. The dark edge that I saw, reaching for your man, there is no place to hide from such as this. Not on this earth. The depth of this evil…” Ted stood in silence, working past his moment of fear.

Ramona murmured the Psalm. “Yea Lord, though I walk though the valley of death…”

Ted shook his head. “No, I did fear evil, while in the presence of all that Glory, not in my spirit, but because I am just a man. Maybe I am just weak. I am not to say. Anyway, we will not retreat in the face of such. No way, the Light of the Dawning that I witnessed is so beyond anything darkness can produce. Here is where I take my stand. No other way interests me, for I’ve seen the Light of the Glory of the Lord.”

Ted paced in the respectful quiet, turned again to gaze out the window searching… “I don’t know. How can our words describe His Glory? It’s so…, no, more than that… or, no, can’t do it…, no word of man to describe it…”

His face knit into a knot of concentration and his voice dropped to a half choked whisper. “Yes, bring your man here, at once, for we are to fight the next battle together. All of us together in faith, for the Glory of the Lord…”

He turned again and pumped his fist. “Yes, this is it. We need to get Gordy back from Chicago, for a dark storm is comin’. What we know here of the edge is just mere, ah, what would be a word here. It is nothing…, nothing at all. Yet God has given to us freely, in order to act out our faith. So beyond… This is what we are to do. To act out our faith in the face of the most hideous evil to be thrust upon us.”

He whirled around, finding words climbing out. In deep voice that resonated in the tiny chapel, he pointed up. “Then you will see…, the Glory of the Lord.”

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