IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One

Herb shifted his gaze from Randy to Ramona and Pastor Rondeau and back again. “Thank you for coming here so quickly. It seems, um, it seems as if we have much in common, in His Spirit and in experience. You’ve met most of our team here. We’re sort of curious about this grand scheme, great one, and FEZ. That might be the answer to prayer we’ve taken to the Lord.”

Randy shuffled back and forth in his chair and looked at Pastor Rondeau for guidance. “Randy has sensitive information, as in the kind that may put a good man’s life in danger. Well, um, oh boy, how do I handle this? The bearer of this information is running for his life, as in, no where safe to go type of thing…”
Ted rubbed his eyes. “Now it all fits. I was up most of last night with what you’re talkin’ ‘bout. Saw a young man of Middle East descent hiding out in a national park, playing tag with darkness tryin’ to take him out. Couldn’t quite handle the name…, somethin’ like Rasham, or Ra something. But he’s playin’ a serious game. One that darkness knows well, so he’s losing… That came through loud and clear. We offer his only hope really, under our Shield of Faith.”

Randy jerked back as if he’d been slugged, then forward in earnest. “How…, what?”

Herb chuckled a bit as his eyes gazed into Teds’ face. “Welcome to our world. Ted, um, has a way with vision, to know these things. Don’t be alarmed. It’s of God.”

Pastor Rondeau wiped his brow. “Thank you Jesus. It’s been such a burden, knowing and seeing worldly forces plowing ahead with seemingly no check, and now this…, thank you Jesus.”

Randy sat still, watching Ted. “Did you just have a vision thing? Your hands and face are like you’re seeing beyond our experience. I know that feeling from my time by the bay and I’ll accept it. His name is Rasheem and yes, he was witness to what I’m going to talk to you about, because I’ve seen it too, in vision.”

Herb watched Ted with concern in his eyes. “Ted here, has a kind of Spiritual radar…, for the Glory of God, an’ well…, you could have your man come here, you see, well, we’ve been attacked over and over, for His Sake, and the Lord’s kept us from the darkness…, Ted, what is it?”

Ted bent over in his chair unable to speak, shaking his head. Elise and Diane gave cries of alarm. “It’s the edge.”

Herb looked from Ted over to Elise and Diane and back to Ted. “Oh Lord, we don’t know where Ted is right now, but you are our strength Lord. Keep him safe, Lord…”

Elise sprang from her chair. “Look, his lips are moving.” She knelt beside Ted and whispered for the others to shush. She put her ear right up to Ted’s face, the whisper was that quiet. Very faintly she could make out a few words,…true,…aight fr…, eart, …, for the Glory…, God. She straightened up from Ted. “That’s it people. He’s in spiritual battle. He’s saying our phrase. Let’s join him.”

Pastor Rondeau, Randy, and Ramona stood with the others, linked arms around the circle as they called upon God for Ted. Pastor Rondeau set the tone. “Yea Lord, though we walk through the valley of death, let Ted fear no evil, for you Lord, are a mighty rod and staff.”

Herb picked up the tone. He heard Elise and Diane break into tears in their love for Ted. He felt a prickle move up and down his spine. “Yes, it is the edge of darkness. Lord, may Ted feel your power. So simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

Others picked up the prayer as it repeated ’round and ’round.

Ted suddenly slumped down and would’ve fallen out of his seat, but Ralph and Herb caught him in tight grip and helped him keep his chair. Others murmured prayers louder and louder.

Ralph raised his hands into the air. “In the Name of Jesus, let this man be delivered from the darkness, safe in the arms of Jesus.”

Ted gave out a loud gasp and started shaking again as his eyes fluttered open and he cried openly. “Yes! For the Glory of God!”

Ralph knelt beside Ted and held him in his strong grip until shaking subsided and he became coherent. Others waited in anticipation as Ted, wet with the sweat of the moment raised his head feebly…, but with Contentment. He looked first at Ramona. “Your man is safe for now. I’ve not seen such darkness before…”

Ted waited as the horror of the moment shook him. Tears welled from his eyes. “You…, you need…, to understand. The evil…, such an ancient power. But no…, that isn’t it. What came next…” Ted stopped as his face flushed with Glory. He stood with Ralphs help, as his hands came up in worship before the Lord. “Almighty God. Lord of heaven and earth. You are Power and Glory while we are but dust and ashes. For you Lord, are Blinding Light to darkness, yea Lord.” He slumped back down into Ralphs arms like wet rags, unable to continue, but his face…

Ramona pointed. “His face, his face. The look of Jesus.”

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