IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen

Elise looked up as Herb and Diane entered the phone bank area. She told the excited young man on the other end. “Here is Herb and Diane right now. Would you like to talk with one of them?”

She raised her hand and motioned for them to come over. She squealed a bit. “Another young man with vision – same as yours!”

Herb picked up the phone with trembling fingers, listened for a moment, nodding his head up and down, then his eyebrow shot up at a name. “Yes, that’s right. Brodine Emerson III and another older man who we don’t know much about. Isn’t this something? Yes, we were hoping that someone else might have similar vision. What’s that? Hmmm, really? No, not since then, yes, that is correct, um, yes we do, just a minute. Tell ya what, we’ll fly the three of you out here. Yes, that’s right, bring her too. When ? I’ll have to do some arrangin’ but we need to talk, no, not later. I mean soon. How soon can you come? Alright, later this week, oh, and thanks. Yes, God bless you too.”

Herb handed the phone back and looked around at a quiet room. “Didn’t know I stopped the show here. That was a young man named Randy Lafaye from Charleston, South Carolina. Seems as if he had vision that Ted and I experienced, about the water, coming up to here.” He looked down at his waist. “I remember the angel so clearly, yup, right here. Randy says he knows our adversary…, too well, and that old man too. But it was something else he said that sent a chill down my back. People, listen up. The darkness…, is coming more and more to America in the form of the great one who has some sort of grand scheme to take over the world with dark control through FEZ. Maybe this is the last piece of the puzzle we’ve been lookin’ for?”

Diane leaped at his words. “It’s another opportunity then. No matter what this FEZ is or this grand scheme, for where sin abounds, grace abounds more. Will we have enough faith? Will God provide vision?” She looked around a silent room.

After a moment, Elise cleared her throat and pointed to her screen. “I don’t know Diane, but these people sure seem to. Here, look, I have five pages of email from people holding us in prayer, or giving praise for another conversion. It seems as if our trials have pulled the Christian community out of hiding and into the forefront in each of these communities. Praise God for that.”

Ralph panned his hand across the phone banks where volunteers, all dressed in dark blue t-shirts, continued to take call after call. “See. It’s a national movement now, and guess what? We’re at the point. Speaking of that, Elise, what’s the count for this week?”

Elise looked through her pages of notes. “Just a minute…, um, here it is for yesterday. Three hundred and fifty nine found Christ and oh, 17, 839 t-shirt orders. That’s for one day, but it seems about average. Some of those t-shirt orders are bulk orders from our church friends, but the Saving Grace of God, over three hundred saved in one day, isn’t that great for God.”

Ralph looked back up at Herb and Diane. “From the few I’ve read, these folks are dead serious about their support and aren’t keeping it quiet. No, quite the opposite. That’s the grace more abounding part, Diane. Some of these stories are so, um, what’s the word, not tragic, but, a…”

Elise pumped her fist with her earnest look. “It’s more than tragic dear…, it’s account after account of how people took our story and applied our faith and stand into their own set of circumstances and then, the grace abounds more part happens time after time, giving these people opportunity to testify against darkness, an…, so simple, and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

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