IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Three

Ed Jones carefully adjusted his point under another shred of burnt journal. How did any of this survive that size of truck bomb is beyond my understanding. Here’s that name again. Looks like Brodi…, then Emers… something.

He looked across the table where his assistants carefully spread out the remains of a large journal. Captain Cutler picked up another singed scrap. “Here it is sir, Brodine Emerson III. Sir, I also have names of three senators, and this might be the name of the former treasury secretary.”

Ed walked around the table to see the names. “Good work Captain.” He pulled his mind away from the table, back to a meeting three years back, with a monstrous weight of a man, glaring at him across the table at that meeting. A cold chill went down his back at the memory, both then and now as he looked at the pieces.

Ed walked over to his desk and unlocked the third drawer down. Reaching in, he picked up a folder with a tremble in his fingers. Never thought I’d ever consider using this for real. The threat of this is going to shake up the government, this department, and add to the economic chaos. Where will it lead? When will it end? He shook his head and reopened the folder. “Men, as of this moment, we are in code Mayhem. Assume that whoever is responsible for those terrorist attacks at the church and bridge will also know that we now know who they are. This office and these scraps are under strict adherence to this code. Sorry, you won’t be able to advance contact to family or friends. We’ll all be locked down until this riddle is resolved. Captain, notify the Pentagon of our change in status, then call in Major Riley. He’ll be in charge of the perimeter. Tell him to expect a heavy deployment per schedule within four hours, and oh, and this isn’t a drill. He looked up to see question in their eyes.
Think of it people, a major highway bridge, repeated terrorist bombings in spite of our tight security, three houses blown and almost the church buildings. Think they’ll not try here?”

Brodine pulled away from the meeting to murmur his dark words, plunging down in whirling darkness until he could focus on a warning call. “Two of the Christians will be here in St. Louis, under guard but vulnerable.”

He snorted in disgust. “Finally. Why wasn’t I told this sooner?” He hesitated, thinking of his past encounters with heavenly warriors. In a low voice of death he ordered. “Call the legions. I won’t have the foot of a warrior on my neck again, understand?”

Another messenger called to him, bowing low before his authority. “They have your name. The Pentagon and the Chicago office of Homeland Security just went on full alert and status change.”

The general in Brodine cursed and smacked his sword. “I warned you old man, about that journal. I told you it might become a weakness, and now what?”

He pulled out his sword, liking the clang of it, the feel of death in his hands. He pinned a demon general to the wall with a sudden thrust. “You, take two legions to Chicago and see about a certain Ed Jones. Delay their advance until more legions arrive. Don’t let them put the pieces together. Soon, it will be too late, for them and this country. That’s the highest priority, got it? The Grand Scheme must not be found out until it is time!”

He whirled his sword around to another general. “You, find the two Christians and take them out. Our forces grow by the hour. Take them on the grand hunt, for these two will be ours.”

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