IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and Two

Jolene Bachstrom leaned back in her cramped office space. This emergency trailer sure isn’t what I remembered from field exercises. I feel like we’re all working over and around each other. She glanced up at her wall map, letting her gaze follow down the Mississippi until it stopped where she’d stuck a large red pin over the name, Ravenna. She turned back to the news column on the third page and a fresh cup of coffee, double sugar. ‘After extensive study, the epicenter of the quake was centered 4.2 miles under the sleeping city of Ravenna and 1.7 miles west, directly under Stinkytown. Measuring magnitude 6.4, the principal force expanded to the north and west following the shape of a drawn bow around the city and countryside, continuing to the south about 5 miles…’

Her gaze shifted up to her map and back down, pausing for her morning coffee. That’s tough for sure, but what’s this? Another column added to her understanding. ‘The 6.4 quake is only a small shift, only increasing the tension of the New Madrid fault, especially to the north along a former channel of the Mississippi. New studies found a previously unknown fault continuing north from the Ravenna area. Undetectable until the Ravenna quake, it showed up in cracked roads and playgrounds along a jagged line through western Kentucky and southern Illinois.’

Jolene stretched and turned to the business news. None of this is good either. How bad can things get? Sure, my small portfolio shrunk by 43%, but I’ll still have my pension, and some savings. She swung her gaze up to the map and back to the series of disaster pictures. Still, I’m better off than those poor people. She jumped in alarm as another series of mini quakes rumbled through. She looked at her watch and poured more coffee. That’s the third batch this morning. Gonna be a quiet day at this rate. She stood up and looked out at her replacement vehicle. I wonder how many times that’ll be replaced before this is settled?

Ted paced along a trail overlooking the ruined city. I can feel things building. What is it Lord? I can see the news, the graphic pictures of mountains of grain piling up in the mid west while the world goes hungry. Now more rumblings from Yellowstone, the world stock exchanges, and the Chicago Board of Trade. It’s all building to something… Ted kicked a stone out of his path with a frustrated side kick, sending the stone down the slope and out of sight. Then he turned his head in question as if events suddenly clicked into place for him. In vision he focused on muddy filthy water reaching up from the coasts, filling places where ocean water shouldn’t be. He followed the scene toward unknown danger, feeling a prickle of darkness tickle along his spine. Wow, for the sea to come in this far it has to be… Suddenly he started as incredibly hot molten rock filled his vision as he shivered from icy blast. What does it all mean…?

He reached back to the small of his back where the angel showed him. Oh man, thank you Jesus. He looked up into the blue sky. It’s almost time for the next act. Where will it be Lord? Where will it be?

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