IS GOD R 2 U ?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter One Hundred and One

Rita and Carrie giggled together at the news. “Imagine us going on a shopping trip to this side of St. Louis under guard. What’ll that be like?”

Carrie looked out at the serious men outside her trailer and sobered. “Stephen’s worried for me. He appreciates that I want, no, that I need to go shopping, for him, and you for Ted, but he’s thinkin’ ’bout the danger of it.”

Rita sighed. “Yeah, got the same tone from Ted. He hasn’t received a vision ’bout it, at least not yet, so maybe that’s a good sign, ya think?”

Rita grew more serious. “I hope that whoever is out to get us, won’t be able to tell us apart from a supply convoy. Hey, they won’t make us wear combat fatigues, will they?”

Carrie giggled her same school girl laugh. “I’m not going to mention it, so don’t you either. As hysterical as the guys are getting about this, they’d snap up that idea.”

Both looked at the other, rolled their eyes and yelled in exasperation. “Men!”

Brodine Emerson III stalked out to his waiting ride. This is one ride I’d rather not have to take. I can feel the powers rolling in anger. What will it be? More fruitless screaming at me, or something constructive for a change. Simon is out of my reach to protect. After all that and those miserable Christians are still alive and free…

He grabbed the seat and door cushions in fierce grip, eyes glaring in bulge, forced over into hunched position. The demon power in him hunched over, snarling sulfurous fumes into the car, waiting and plotting for the perfect opportunity to take out the Christians. Brodine sat in complete silence during his trip to St. Louis, scheme after scheme rolling through his mind. There has to be a way to take some of ’em out, but what is it? How many attacks until this is settled?

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