An American Tragedy

By Kaitlin Jannetta All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance


Any normal man would be trying to get with a group of people during a zombie apocalypse, but not Luk'hail. This dangerous sociopath likes to be a lone wolf. He soon changes his mind when he meets a lovely woman named Daniella Rose Reeves. She turns his world upside down and makes him see the bright side of all the situations and makes him feel a feeling he hasn't felt in a long time. Compassion. along their adventure they pick up new allies along with enemies. But how long can Luk'hail hold out before he breaks and goes on a massive killing spree on the living?

An American Tragedy

Im not afraid to admit that i am a total sociopath with a long history of violence. since the zombie apocolypse started i have been having a blast, i can finally get all my anger out without being chased by the cops. For example the other day i was out doing my normal everyday practice and smashing in some heads and then i saw a group of kindergardners. They said “someone help us!” so being the ‘nice’ and ‘caring’ person I am, I gladly helped them by putting them out of their misery.

It was quick and painless I made sure of it. when I threw them off a bridge into zombie infested waters, I knew they would die before or after they hit the cold dead water. It was easy for me actually. Being a man from a past of crime and streetfights, throwing the kids was like throwing a punch. Easy and painless. One kid almost managed to get away from me, by hiding behind a bush. It was a little girl probably no older than six.

Her blonde hair was matted with blood but was at the same time pretty and simple being held back by a blue ribbon with a torn dress to match. Fear etched its way through her features as she turned to run from me. At the time she probably didn’t even cosider that i was trying to help her. I quickly ran up to her and kicked her down so that she was laying on her stomach.

The sole of my brown leather boot rested between her small delicate shoulder blades, and I could feel each time she tried to scramble for breathe. I almost felt sorry for her, but i quickly pushed that thought aside. I then slowly reached for my handgun in the hollister on my hip. She turned her tear streaked face to look up at me, begging for mercy. I took that opportunity to aim my gun, and shoot her between the eyes.

I took my foot off her then, staring at the motionless body that lay at my feet for a moment before dragging her to the bridge to let her join the rest of her friends in the water. I have been many places and found ‘survivors’ if you would call them that. They were almost as gone as i was. I had no choice but to kill them all, well all but one.

“can’t help but feel sorry for them. Poor zombies, I couldn’t even scrounge up a decent meal for them today, oh well.” As I was saying before being crudely interrupted with a line of my own dialogue. I’ve spared but one......‘individual’ if you will. Its not that I care about the guy, I couldn’t just kill him. I need him, someone who shared the same thoughts as me. We think alike. It gets a bit confusing between us ‘two’, that jackass holds the same name as I. Luk’hail is a name i haven’t heard in a long time from anyone other than myself. Actually I’ve been thinking lately. I didn’t have any snacks or popcorn whenever i was teaching those kindergardners how to fly. Nonetheless, I’m getting off topic. What i’m trying to say is, do i really need him?

“No you don’t” He retorts, startling me.

“....And i don’t need you. But I kind of like you, in a similar way to how a virus enjoys a single cell.”

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