World Apart

By C.J. Connor All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Character List

Character List


Raiden Whitmore: A lieutenant in the Fraquian military and history professor at the Fraquian Military Academy; SWUN specialist

Victoria: Raiden’s wife

Katie and Kristen: Raiden’s twin daughters

Darren Slater: One of Raiden’s students

Isaac Peterson: A Fraquian ecologist and ex-soldier; captain of the initial Centrumian exploration party

Marcus: A medic in Isaac’s Centrumian exploration party; Isaac’s friend

Drake: A soldier in Isaac’s Centrumian exploration party; Isaac’s friend

President Gerald Brownstein: President of Fraq

General Gary Glaskgow: Head general of Fraquian forces of Centrum

General Harrison: Runs a military training camp for Fraquian prisoners and leads their deployment to Centrum

Osyrus: An ex-cop in prison for murdering numerous criminals; meets Raiden in General Harrison’s training camp and joins his SWUN squad


Aric Trent: Also known as Ice Pick, Aric was wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to jail

Deacon Trent: Aric’s alcoholic father

Whitney: Aric’s girlfriend and the mother of his child

Deb: Whitney’s mother

Destiny: Aric and Whitney’s five-year-old daughter

Scott: Whitney’s new boyfriend following Aric’s imprisonment

Matrick: The cold-blooded leader of Aric’s gang, the Cutthroats

David: One of Aric’s two prison roommates and a convicted serial rapist/murderer

Gregor: One of Aric’s two prison roommates; ordered by Lance to kill Aric

Lance: A convicted drug lord and a brutal killer; a powerful force within Aric’s prison

Trey: Lance’s lover

Damien and Dante: Lance’s big cronies

Barry Stoops: Head general of Arthian forces on Centrum

President Rogers: President of Arth

Sergeant Mauler: Runs a military training camp for Arthian prisoners

Captain Meyers: A captain in the Arthian military who leads the first assault on Fraq’s Northern Base

Lt. Krebs: Leads Aric’s platoon, Second Platoon, during the first assault on Fraq’s Northern Base

Luthor: A soldier who Raiden saves from a group of Greys; he joins ranks with Raiden and the others


Lexus: A Calrian police officer who is drafted into the military and joins the fight on Centrum

Lily: Lexus’ sister who was raped and murdered one year ago

Bradley: Lexus’ longtime partner in law enforcement; he is drafted alongside Lexus.

Keith: A man that Lexus met at church and with whome she goes on a date

President Titus: President of Calri

General Oswald: Runs a base in the Midline Mountains of Centrum; leads the final charge against the Zeta Reticulans


The Greys: The man-given name for the Zeta Reticulans, the alien race from the constellation Reticulum

Zuron Troy: The high king of the Zeta Reticulans

Zuron Lai: The high king of Reticulum 5000 years before; responsible for the destruction of Earth

Flangly Drost: King of the Reticulan planet of Nizu, home to the metals of levitation

Viteroy Gosh: King of the Reticulan planet of Hitra; Hitra is sent to the human planets and becomes known as Centrum

General Kruxor: The leader of the Zeta Reticulan forces on Centrum; prefers to fight with swords attached to his gauntlets

Tetrolls: Enormous, blind beasts that live within a forest on Drotrolia, the Reticulan planet on which Zuron Troy resides

Conclorians: The alien race whose planet was destroyed by the past Zeta Reticulan high king, Zuron Sheb, and then brought to Drotrolia; they evolved into what the Greys call Tetrolls


The Bowltren: A council composed of several alien races with the core purpose of preserving peace in the universe; shunned the Zeta Reticulans after discovering Zuron Lai’s deception

Andromedans: The alien race that saved the human species from extinction at the hands of Zuron Lai; authors of the book known by the humans as The Rebirth, which explains the history behind the destruction of Earth

Tiras Dron: The Andromedan Bowltren representative that discovered Zuron Lai’s plan to destroy Earth and intervened in time to save a sample of the humans

King Pilitreus: King of the Andromedans

Grotinbras: A member of King Pilitreus’ Royal Guard and a close friend of the king

Howzer, Ritzpa, and Mal: Members of King Pilitreus’ Royal Guard

Captain Lazarus: A captain in the Andromedan army who leads a force to aid the humans

Septizur: The vice president of the Bowltren and a member of a reptilian race of aliens from the star system Alpha Draconis

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